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Hi Seller Community!


I’m excited to announce we’ve launched Square Charge, our first desktop app to quickly process keyed-in transactions directly from your computer’s top menu bar. Note: At this time, Square Charge is only available for Mac users running version 10.11 (El Capitan) or newer.




How do I install the app?

  1. Download and install this file to your Mac computer.
  2. On your computer, go to Finder > Downloads and open the file. A new screen will appear showing Square Charge and your computer’s Applications folder.
  3. Drag the app to the Applications folder. The file will begin copying to your hard drive.
  4. Once complete, click the search icon (magnifying glass) in the navigation bar and type “Square Charge.”
  5. Double click the application to open it on your computer.
  6. You’ll then see the Square logo in the menu bar, and you can sign in with your Square account credentials. 

How do I process a payment?

  1. Click the Square icon in the menu bar to open Square Charge. Note: You can use the shortcut Command + Shift + i to automatically launch Square Charge on your Mac computer.
  2. Log in with your Square account email address and password. 
  3. Enter the amount you want to charge. If the transaction amount is already copied to your clipboard, it will automatically populate in the app.
  4. Click +Add a customer to charge an existing customer’s saved information, create a new customer, add new payment card information, or add a note for your records. Note: You should not record personal, card, or other sensitive information in this field.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Choose the payment method: Manually enter card, Record cash payment, or Record other payment.
    1. If you select Manually enter card, click Next to enter the customer’s card number, card expiration date, CVV, and billing zip code. Then, click Charge. You can also save this information to the customer’s profile by checking the box to save the card to their file. Note: An email address will be required to save their information.If you select Record cash payment or Record other payment, click Charge to record the payment. 
    2. When the payment is complete, you’ll see the Payment Successful message and an authorization number. You can then print or send a receipt to your customer or start a new transaction.

Learn more about Square Charge for Desktop and how to use keyboard shortcuts to process payments faster. You can also read Square Charge for Desktop FAQ here.

Gestora de la Comunidad de Vendedores / Seller Community Manager, Square
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Beta Member

I think this is a great first step, however, without a few additional features, it won't be useful to me.


Itemized sales are a must for us. Is there a plan to make this a feature in the future?


Is there a plan to make card readers available with this app? I know you can use a swipe reader with virtual terminal.

It would be nice if you could connect a chip reader either by bluetooth or plugging it in with usb.


If this is just a first step to begin rolling out a desktop version, that's great.

If the other features aren't intended to be added, I don't see it being useful to many people.

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@crystalimages thank you for the feedback! I'm the product manager for Square Charge for Desktop and we really appreciate hearing from you. Our hope was that this app would be valuable for sellers, but understand it doesn't have everything that everyone wants. Sorry it doesn't provide value for you right now. The plan is use feedback from sellers like you to guide the future roadmap so hearing what is missing to make it work for you is super useful!   

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I think this update caused other issues. I am trying to add new items on my desktop and I can't get it to allow me to add inventory. I could last week!

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Thank you for letting us know @ShannonKahn! This update does not affect the ability to add new items. If you're running into a specific error message when trying to update your inventory, please start a new thread here and our team can help look into this further. If you're using the item import tools, these troubleshooting steps can help resolve any error you are seeing. Hopefully the article and the team will be able to get you setup again soon. Later when you have a chance to test out the new Square Charge for Desktop feature, please don't hesitate to share your feedback with us on this thread again!

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Super Seller

This is solid. Been waiting for something like this for a while. We'll get the garden business set up using this as soon as possible for all the iris buyers out there that call in their orders. Next to figure out how to use the web-store for them to buy their own bulbs in a very complicated inventory environment. 

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After we installed this on our mac & try to open the app from the applications folder, we keep getting a pop up window that says "something went wrong". Is anyone else having this issue?

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@GroveFlorida I'm checking with the team on this for you. 

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