[New] Square House Accounts

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Let your frequent, trusted customers keep a running balance with you. Collect payment at a later time by sending an invoice, or even setting up automatic payments.




What’s new in this update?

With house accounts, you can deliver a more convenient experience by creating a running bill that customers can pay later with automatic invoices.   

  • Check out like any other sale.
    • Simply charge the purchase to the customer’s house account on your POS so the sale gets recorded and inventory gets updated automatically.
  • Get paid on time.
    • Set up recurring invoices to send on schedule so customers can easily pay their balance online with a credit card or ACH payment. For wholesale customers who buy in bulk, you can apply discounts to the whole invoice or individual items.
  • Manage and track accounts easily.
    • Set spending limits and lock, unlock, or archive accounts quickly from your Square Dashboard or point of sale.


How to access the new features

Get started by creating a house account for your customers. To create individual house accounts for your customers:

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard and click Payments > House accounts.
  2. Click Create House Account.
  3. Select the customer for the account and the business location.
  4. Optional: Add an account name and notes.
  5. Enter a spending limit.
  6. Select the customer’s preferred billing method.
  7. Click Save.

After you have created your first house account, make sure that you can check your customers out by charging to their house account by adding House Account as a payment option type from your Square app.


To add House Accounts as a payment option in the Square app:

  1. Open your Square Point of Sale app and tap ≡ More > Settings > Checkout.
  2. Tap Payment.
  3. Find House Account.
  4. Drag and drop within the list to reorder your payment options.

Benefits of the new features

House Accounts are a great way to create a more convenient checkout experience for your most loyal or frequent customers who need to defer payment to a later date on a regular basis. 


Some ways you can use House Accounts at your business:

  • Restaurants
    • Catering and event customers 
    • Frequent diners or club members 
  • Retail
    • Frequent shoppers with standing orders or subscription customers 
    • Clients or other businesses that order products or services from your business on a regular basis  

Get started

Questions or feedback? Leave a comment below! 😊

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Super Seller

Super excited to have this feature live.  It is a great way for those people who run a "tab" to be charged and tracked.  The best thing of all is if you are doing accrual accounting...the sale hits the day it is recorded and not weeks later when an invoice is paid!

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Super Seller

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Super Seller

This seems really cool! Not sure as a coffee shop we will use it but I can see for like bars and even feed stores this would be super handy!

Lovewell Tea & Coffee//
Ventura, Ca

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Beta Member

Feedback about the house account invoices:

The only option when I'm generating an invoice for start date is "balance since last payment."

This can exclude a significant portion of the month in the transaction section of the invoice/statement.


I'm generating invoices for August right now but I can't set the start date of the invoice period to August 1.

So one customer paid for their July invoice on August 17, and their transaction section is blank since their only purchase in August was prior to the 17th.


Another customer made a payment in mid-August, and that payment does show up in the transaction list, but for some reason the top of the statement says last payment was 6/21. And the invoice period / transaction list shows everything 6/10-8/31.


It would be nice to have some more flexibility and not have things so rigidly tied to one invoice. Like the option to pull a statement with all open transactions, or the option to print all transactions for a certain time period.

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Beta Member

We have run into this problem as well.


The ability to do invoices for a portion of the balance and/or a better way to receive a partial payment could also use some work.


I fully agree with @NeishaArceo .

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When I click on House Accounts, I do have the option to "create house account". Help!

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Beta Member

Is there a way to charge to house accounts on the virtual terminal? This would allow me to move to square as a point of sale as most of our accounts are net 30 house accounts.

Ryan Siler
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Super Seller

I do not see that you can charge to a house account on the virtual terminal currently.  I am able to select the house account as a customer but it still wants a type of payment.  Maybe that is coming down the road?  I'm not sure as house accounts are basically brand new.

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Beta Member

I hope so because I would love to use square as my main POS but house accounts are a major feature I need to make it work for us as we have customers purchasing multiple times a month then paying the previous month balance at the start of each month.

Ryan Siler
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Square Community Moderator

Hi @Silershine - Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Square Seller Community👋 I'm happy to help you with this question.

I've merged your post to this thread which has some more info on House Accounts. You can access House Accounts on all Square payment hardware and mobile devices as well as from the Square Point of Sale, Square for Restaurants POS, Square for Retail POS, and Square Appointments POS apps.

However, we currently do not support charging to a House Account in Virtual Terminal. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news on this 😔 I’ve shared your feature request with our Product Team, as they are constantly improving our products based on feedback like this. To learn more about how feature requests work, please see this post from one of our Seller Community Moderators. 


In the meantime, keep an eye out for any updates in our Seller Community. We appreciate your input! 

Community Moderator, Square
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