New: Square for Retail POS on Mobile

We’re excited to announce that the Square for Retail POS is now available on iOS iPhone. 


Retail on Mobile.png

With Square for Retail on Mobile you can:

  • Move your checkout beyond your counter to take payments on the go
  • Add additional points of sale at no additional cost when your store gets busy
  • Keep track of your customers, discounts and items and sales from the palm of your hand


Retail POS on Mobile is available on all Square for Retail plans. Get started today by downloading the app to your iPhone. For more details, check out this Support Center article.

Not signed up for Square for Retail? Learn more about all Square for Retail has to offer.

Beta Member

In your screenshot above it looks like there is barcode scanner functionality but I dont see this in the iOS version that I just downloaded. Is barcode scanning available? 


Also can a bluetooth barcode scanner be connected to iOS?

Super Seller

Thanks for the update @megank !

This is suuuuper cool and will definitely help a lot of businesses streamline their sales process, especially in the new COVID days

oooo -black on dark green makes small print almost invisible.

Beta Member

@megank please offer some clarity on the barcode scanning functionality for iOS

Beta Member

Actually NeedleHaystack is very observant -- the sample image in this post shows that barcode function -- but the actual IOS SQ4Retail does NOT have any trigger to access the iphone's camera to read any barcodes.  I would love that feature as well...and I would also love it if we could use the iphone to do inventory transfers and inventory. 


BTW for those of you who don't already know this -- even though it is not widely acknowledged, SQ is able to read QR barcodes.  It cannot generate them but it can read them.  We love QR codes because it compresses a lot of digits into a very tiny symbol.  We do upwards of 45 digits into .25x.25 or .375x.375 QR code (Alphanumeric).

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