New: Square for Retail now available in Canada 🇨🇦

We’re thrilled to announce that Square for Retail is now available in Canada! 


With features like:

  • Barcode label printing
  • Barcode scanning with iPad camera
  • Cost of Goods sold reports
  • Exchanges
  • Vendor and purchase order management


Square for Retail offers a full POS system to help you run your retail business in-store and online.




Square for Retail offers a plan with no monthly fees as well as a paid plan with more advanced features. Learn more about Square for Retail plans and features here


Square Beta would like to thank all of the sellers who have given us amazing feedback, including: @JTPets @TwinRoads @MMLumberjack @Trident22 @Velo @candycorn @PerryP @LukeNieuw @spokenoteWe appreciate your help!  


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Getting Started with Square for Retail

If you’re new to Square for Retail, take a look at our comprehensive Getting Started Guide - it includes helpful tips for sellers who are new to the Square for Retail (but already have a Square account) as well as easy-to-follow onboarding steps for anyone brand new to Square. 


Let us know if you have any questions about Square for Retail below!

Beta Member

This is fantastic! Yay!

Beta Member

While I'm not super excited about the new app layout (I'm just stuck in my old ways it's probably amazing) the back office tools are game changers

Beta Member

Can I use Square for retail with my Square terminal? I don't have the Square stand as my iPad is too new and there isn't a compatible version for it yet.

Square Community Moderator

Hey @Crystal72


Not quite yet. Right now, the Retail App is supported by iPads and iPhones running iOS 12.0 or higher.

Beta Member

That's disappointing. I do have an iPad I can use but how will I print receipts?  What are my options?


*Edit* I assume that I would still be able to use the terminal but have the functionality of Square for Retail on the back end for inventory etc.  Is that assumption correct?

Beta Member

Has anyone had issue with the Square Retail POS App not accepting Cash Payments?  We have the Cash Management settings set to accept.  We do not use a cash drawer so that is not turned on and no receipt printer.  Any ideas?  Support has not been able to help me get this figured out.

Square Community Moderator

Hey @Kenwvs! You don't need Cash Management turned on to accept cash payments. Just to be clear, are you unable to see the Cash payment option at the end of the checkout flow? If so, can you check if Cash is enabled as an option in Settings > Checkout > Payment Types? 

Beta Member

This issue has now been resolved with the help of the technical team.  For some reason we are not able to see the settings to change the payment methods on the IPAD.  We went through my phone and then signed out and in and it is all working.


Thanks for all of the help and suggestions.

Square Community Moderator

@Kenwvs Awesome! Happy to hear 🙂

Square Community Moderator

You can use your newer iPad with a different version of the Square Stand. If you go to the shop page you can see that we do support the newer iPad. Hopefully yours fits into that stand.


If you don't have a Square Stand, you can still use an ethernet printer or bluetooth printer to pair to the app wirelessly. Check out the this page for more detail. 

Hey there! We're currently using Square in our retail location, as well as utilizing Square by Weebly. I'm interested in switching to Square for Retail, but am curious - will this impact our website in any way, or is it all already integrated? Just wondering if I should anticipate any downtime. Thanks!! www.darlingdeviance.com

Good Day Helen,  Would you be able to guide me to the right place for prices on a complete kit,  Stand, Tablet, Cash Draw, Printer, Barcode Scanner.  thanks, 

Its for Canada 



👋Hey @Paulo0505 The Square Stand kit costs $806 but if you add an iPad to the order the total cost is $1,235. The hardware accessories in the kit are:


  • Square Stand for contactless and chip and PIN
  • 16 in. Printer-Driven Cash Drawer
  • Receipt Printer Paper (25 Rolls)
  • USB Receipt Printer

And the iPad, if you add it to your order, is a 10.2" iPad (Wi-Fi 32GB).


Hope this helps!

Can you please direct me to the instructions for using the ipad camera as a barcode scanner?

Many thanks!

Square Community Moderator

Thank you for the post, @trevcar007


Before you get started with the barcode scanner, make sure your Square for Retail has access to your camera. 


Take a look at this thread for more information on how to use it. 


Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

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New: Square for Retail now available in Canada 🇨🇦