[New] Tare for weighted items on Square for Retail

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We’re excited to announce that you can now deduct tare weights from items sold by weight directly through your Square for Retail point of sale.


This new tare functionality allows you to remove the weight of containers or other packaging that shouldn’t be included in what you charge your customers; something that could previously only be managed on the scale itself.


After you place an item on your connected scale and select it to add to cart, you’ll see an option to Set tare. You can enter the container’s tare weight that will be subtracted from the scale’s measured weight. Once the tare is set, and the item is added, the cart will then display the net weight used to calculate the price.


Note: Tare weight can only be subtracted and cannot exceed the measured weight.


Additionally, the customer’s receipt will also display both the net weight and any applicable tare weight while your inventory will be decreased by net weight only.




We hope this will streamline how you sell items by weight, and speed up checkout for you and your customers.


To learn more see our Help article.


Note: This feature is available to all sellers using Square for Retail and a supported scale. The new cart experience must also be enabled on each of your devices in Settings > Favorites.


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