New for Invoices Plus: Customizable Style and Layout
New for Invoices Plus: Customizable Style and Layout

When sending an invoice, have you ever wished you could customise the layout or styling, so the invoice best reflects your business and brand? Well, now you can!


PD2620 - AUEN Customize invoices.png


Impress your customers with customised invoice PDF layouts that match your brand and project needs. 


To customise your invoices:


  1. Visit Invoices in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Select Settings > Customization


From there you can choose between 3 layout options (Original, Modern, or Classic), update your logo, and preview it all when you’re done.  


Note: This is currently only available on Dashboard. Mobile support is on the way!


PD02617 - AUEN Customize your template.png


The colour of the invoice is defined by the brand settings found on the Business > Receipt section of your online Dashboard.