New in Customer Directory: View, filter, and export more customer information
New in Customer Directory: View, filter, and export more customer information

We just released some updates in Customer Directory to provide a more complete view of your customers, especially those profile  automatically created by Square Point of Sale. Here’s a summary of the changes.


1. View more data in your Instant Profiles


Square helps you save time and keep better records about your customers by automatically creating Instant Profiles after each purchase and adding them to your Customer Directory.


These Instant Profiles have been improved to give you more visibility into your customer’s information. They now contain full customer names (whenever available), along with the creation date and creation source. And if a customer enters an email address for a receipt at your store, you’ll see that in the profile, too.


Instant Profiles are always created by a payment transaction. Even if you edit or modify the custom profile, it will always remain grouped with Instant Profiles, based on how it was created.


To view your Instant Profiles, simply select the Instant Profiles group, or filter by Creation Source > Instant Profiles.


instant profile group - comm.png


NOTE: As part of this change, the ‘Added by You’ and ‘Added by Square’ groups have been removed. If you want to find profiles that were previously listed in ‘Added by You’, you can create a filter for ‘Creation Source’ and select Import, Directory, or any other creations sources you want to include.



2. Group exports are now supported in Directory


This release includes three significant improvements to the export functionality in Directory. The first improvement is the addition of group exports, which gives you the ability to select specific groups of customers to download.


The second improvement is the addition of Instant Profiles to the export function. Now, when you choose to download All Customers, you receive all of those profiles, including the Instant Profiles that Square has automatically created for you.


And finally, we’ve made performance improvements that process your exports up to 10 times faster.




3. Better understand the source of your profiles


Now, at the bottom of each customer profile there’s a new section called Additional Information. This section explains how and when each profile was created, giving you a better understanding of the history of each customer.


By filtering your customer list by creation source, you can also view how many customer profiles were created by payments (as Instant Profiles), by an invoice, and more.  


Filter by Creation Source:

creation source filter.png



 View Creation Source in each profile:




We hope you find these updates helpful and would love to hear your feedback or questions. Tell us what you think in the comments, and let us know how else we can make Square Customer Directory more helpful for your business!