Offer subscriptions with Square Online Checkout

With Square Online Checkout, you can now accept automatic recurring payments from your customers. Payment links are quick to set up and easy to share.



Creating your recurring payment link


From the Online Checkout menu item on the left of your Square dashboard, create a new checkout link or edit an existing one to get started. Choose either Collect payments or Accept donations as your link purpose.


Create checkout link.png


Enter a title and the amount you want to charge, then enable the “Allow customers to subscribe” toggle to make the link a recurring payment. Select Edit on the right to adjust the frequency of payments. You can choose weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual intervals.


Edit subscription plan.png

Once you click Create link, a unique link URL is auto-generated for you. Paste the link on an existing website, social post, email, or text message to share it with your customers.


Checkout link created.png



When your customers check out, they will be able to choose between a one-time payment or a subscription:


Monthly fun stuff.gif



Managing your subscription payments

To manage the recurring payments you’re receiving, navigate to Online Checkout > Subscriptions from your Square dashboard. The details and status of each of your customers’ subscriptions are listed here. You can view their latest invoice or cancel their subscription by clicking on the three blue dots on the far right.


Subscriptions reporting.png

Your customers also have the option to cancel their subscription at any time through their original confirmation email. Below the summary of their purchase is a link to cancel:


Thanks for subscribing 2.png


Click here to get started creating your first subscription link.


We’re excited to share this new update with you, and we hope you enjoy it! Keep watching the Seller Community for future updates to Square Online Checkout.

Read more about recurring payment links. Learn more about Square Online Checkout.

Super Seller


This is something I've been asking for for quite some time! Thank you! Great job to the dev team and everyone involved!

I use Square Appointments for a hair salon business. Can I use this functionality for a monthly haircut subscription and link at checkout the haircut provided to the customer back to the customer's subscription as a payment method?


Hey @RMS-MV!


Thanks for posting in the Seller Community.


The only thing to note about the checkout link item subscription feature would be that the functionality works so it's a one time subscription. It wouldn't charge them monthly automatically. You'd have to send them the link every month.


If you wanted it to be automatic, we suggest using recurring invoices. Let me know if you have any questions about this. 


Hi again @RMS-MV @roastology @rich4747-


I just wanted to clear something up. I was mistaken earlier regarding the subscriptions. Subscriptions are supported for our Online Checkout functionality, like @PeteyD has announced above. The only thing to note here is that if you create an Item that is a membership within the Square Online Store, it will not have the automated payment. 


To clarify: Online Checkout and Checkout links does offer a subscription feature that will allow recurring automatic charges. The Square Online Store membership functionality does not charge automatically, and will be a one time payment. 


Really sorry about the confusion here. Please refer to @PeteyD's post to create a checkout link for subscriptions to send to your customers who are interested in setting up a subscription. Thanks! 

This is great to know about.  A couple of questions:

-- Is there a way to automatically offer a discount to people who start a subscription?

-- I have a delivery-only business that delivers each Friday.  Is there a way to set up so that subscribers can select which Fridays during the month they'd like their delivery (one or several)?



This is a good start, However I am confused how it works for subscriptions such as a weekly/monthly coffee subscription.  Coffee is not priced the same for all product options and the amount should be derived from the coffee price the customer is purchasing not by putting an amount in or having the customer put a custom amount in. Are we able to create a monthly and a weekly option.  Is it possible to do a bi-weekly subscription. 




Hey @RMS-MV!

Thanks for posting in the Seller COmmunity.


The only thing to note about the checkout link item subscription feature would be that the functionality works so it's a one time subscription. It wouldn't charge them monthly automatically. You'd have to send them the link every month.


If you wanted it to be automatic, we suggest using recurring invoices. Let me know if you have any questions about this. 


This is too bad, I was thinking it is a recurring billing subscription.  This does nothing at all for what we need for coffee subscription orders.



We are a coffee shop and coffee roaster.  We roast coffee for retail, online and wholesale customers.

We started using Square to take advantage of online ordering due to Covid-19.  We switched from using Shopkeep which we used for 7 years.  We currently have an online store for our roastery using Woocommerce and would like to set up an online store on Weebly so we can simplify inventory and ordering.  However several features are lacking to do that. 

a. Shipping and order fulfillment process and features needs improving

b. MAJOR.  Subscriptions that can be utilized for coffee orders is a must.  We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly subscriptions that currently can be purchased along with one-time orders on the same order. Although you recently announced subscriptions, it does not appear to be driven by product cost which is a must.  Subscriptions need to offer automatic billing and fulfillment notices and be easy for the customer to order. 

c. Easy customization of website interface and presentation is important as and full-featured themes including parallax viewing.

Beta Member

Is this only possible through a payment link? Is it an option that we can make available for any item in our online store? I shouldn't have to create a link for every customer that wants this. Very confused and again, lack of detailed instructions on how to do it. Make things UX/UI friendly, or give some detailed instructions on how to make it happen.

We're a coffee shop and roastery and we want to be able to do subscriptions. BUT I don't want to have to create a link or have people ask us to create a link, that's too many steps and lost business. This is frustrating.  


@vickyaustin It is only available for checkout links at this time yes!

@ashc This is worthless for an online store.  

Beta Member

@ashc 😬

I wish it was more developed than that. It's not useful to us at all for an online store and as a coffee shop wanting to sell coffee bean subscriptions. 

Hey @PeteyD 


I have just tried to set this up for an item in my store - however I am at a halt.

Where you said that there would be an "allow your customers to subscribe" button, I am met with only "allow you customers to enter price" not a subscribe option.

Please help!

Super Seller

@Invictus5 This threw me off a little too. When you go to create the new checkout link, choose "Collect a Payment" not the "Sell an Item" option. The payment option has the switch to allow the subscription.


@PeteyD I like where this is going, but I have a couple of comments/suggestions:

-For those of us with multiple locations, it'd be nice to be able to set which location is supporting the subscription. (Example: my coffee roasterie has its own location. I'd like to set the subscription to be on the roasterie's sales versus my coffee shop)

-I see the options to share the link. Would it be possible to create HTML code to allow us to imbed the button/description in our own web pages?