Order Manager Now on iPhones

👋 Hi Seller Community!


We’re happy to announce that Order Manager is now available in the Square Point of Sale app on iPhones. Previously, managing orders via the POS app was available on iPads, Android tablet/phones as well as Square Register.

You can manage orders on your iPhone with the same functionality as the online Square Dashboard. Now all from your phone, you have the ability to:

  • Search for an order
  • Filter orders by fulfillment state, fulfillment type, or order source
  • Manage orders from New to Completed.
  • View order details including items purchased and customer information
  • Print to your order ticket printer for fulfillment.



Check out the Support Center for a guide to set up the Order Manager on your device. Let us know if you have any questions below!

Super Seller

Such a great update & addition! Thanks so much @Tom !

I updated my app but don’t see the Orders section showing up? I have an iPhone 11 Pro. 

This will be a welcome addition once it appears!

Square Community Moderator

Hi @kwestport,


I recommend reaching out to our Customer Success Team directly. They will be your best resource in getting this inquiry addressed. Also, having a specialist that can look into the specifics of your account will be highly beneficial.

Check out ways on how to get in contact with them by visiting here: http://squ.re/howtocontact

Super Seller

@Alex_ I also do not see this on my iPhone

Square Community Moderator

Super strange. Do you by chance have any pending updates on your device or for your app?

Super Seller

@Alex_ Nope - everything is up to date

Hi Alex - I thought the same thing, but I don’t have any pending updates. I updated my iOS last week and all the Square updates (POS, appointments, invoices) ran yesterday and today.

Just double checked and the Order section is still not there. 

FYI - I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro Max with version 13.6 right now. 

Super Seller

Looks like I JUST got it!

Just got it too!

Beta Member

Great update, this makes it much easier to keep track of incoming orders, marking fulfillment and staying abreast of future date & time orders, placed after hours.


NOTE: Regarding the update from Online Store to Square Online delineation, yesterday we saw both in our dashboard and then today, it reverted back to Online Store...confused.