Pro-tips for Setting up the Square Register Customer Display

The newly-launched Square Register comes with a 7" touchscreen customer display that itemizes transactions, allows customers to sign, tip and select their receipt delivery method, and even integrates Square Loyalty, Customer Management and Card on File features. Additionally, the payment functionality for tap (NFC), dip (EMV) and swipe (magstripe) payments is built into the customer display.


You can upload a high resolution image of your choosing (from your Square Dashboard) to the customer display to showcase your business. To add an image to your customer display:


  1. Go to your Account & Settings tab, and click Locations > Select the location you’d like to update.
  2. Scroll down to Point of Sale checkout background and click the icon to upload an image.
  3. Click Save in the top right corner. 
  4. Reboot your Sqaure Register. After the customer display has powered on, check out your new image!

You can turn the image off at any point in the Settings section of Square Register. You can also choose to show your business name in white lettering over the image of your choosing, or over a black background if you do not have an image uploaded to the customer display. You can also control turning your business name text on/off in the Settings section of Square Register.   


There are two ways to set up your Square Register customer display for use by everyone who walks through your door: Docked or Undocked.



Having your customer display docked directly on your Square Register works best for:

  • Compact counters
  • Counters with merchandise on display

Pro-tip: when docking, press firmly on the bottom edges of the customer display until you hear a click on both sides of the customer display to ensure it's properly connected. 




To undock the customer display, press and hold the release latch located on the bottom of Square Register and lift the customer display out. Be sure to that the latch is completely released before removing the display as it can not be removed without the latch release.



Connecting your customer display via USB cable works best for:

  • Wide, low, or higher counters
  • Split-level counters
  • Counters where the customer does not stand in front of the Register

Pro-tip: you'll need your customer display cable to connect the display in the undocked configuration.



To power on the customer display in undocked configuration, plug one end of the customer display cable into the customer display and the other end into the bottom of Register. 


Depending on how your counter is set up, you can change the position of your customer sisplay. One thing to note, the customer display takes about a minute to reboot when you undock or disconnect the cable.


Learn more about how to set up Square Register.


Let me know if you have any questions about how to position or set up your customer display. For anyone using Square Register, show us your setup with pictures in the comments!

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@evandoyle If I upload multiple photos in the dashboard, will the Square Register rotate through them?





Hi @jjgard - Jumping in here for Evan 👋 The ability to rotate through multiple photos on Register isn't currently available. I like this concept though. What types of images were you thinking of sharing to promote your business to customers? 

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There is so much that could be done with the ability to do a slide show of images on the CFD: we could show pictures of our students showing the pieces they made in our classes, a notice displaying our monthly specials, a gallery of pieces we custom-made for clients, etc, etc, etc.  The possibilities are almost endless.  Please work on this.

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The customer display is a fantastic tool for Register and Point of Sale. However, I really wish the functionality would be expanded to allow for the customer to enter their phone number during the sale then get a screen showing all loyalty rewards due--quite like how the FiveStars customer facing display works now. Then it could give them the option to use any rewards or keep building towards the next tiered reward. This would really speed up the checkout process and eliminate the "oh, I forgot I had rewards" conversation...

PS: if the photo capability was brought to the Point of Sale customer display app as well it would be wonderful! 🙂

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I was under the impression that a customer could use the screen to enter their number before checkout? Is that not the case? I was about to make the plunge and get the new gear solely for that purpose...


It amazes me how many people seem to be offended that we don't know their loyalty point count by heart and apply their reward before checkout with savvy intuition. I've been thinking about offering a cash alternative. Since nobody seems to know if a customer has a reward or not before checking out, I thought maybe I'd just give them $5 bucks cash when I see their point count is above the threshold, then subtract points from their account afterward.

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@LocavoreStore I had the chance to use a Register as a customer recently. The flow was quite similar to the Point of Sale with Customer Display: you get a running list of the items ordered, a fancy animation when it was time to insert my card (which honestly wasn’t that intuitive at all for me as a first time user), tip screen, signature screen, then the option to enter my phone number for loyalty. The only differences were the fancy picture behind the text and the fact the screen didn’t swivel. I left the Register quite underwhelmed unfortunately. Maybe there is a setting the store didn’t turn on to allow simultaneous order and loyalty input, but assuming there isn’t, it didn’t “wow” me. 


@evandoyle I really want to like the concept of the Register and its customer display along with the potential for the Point of Sale Customer Display and would seriously consider transitioning over to Register if the customer display was given a little more power. (Well, that and to have Register capable of accepting online pickup orders!) For best/quickest/most customer-friendly interaction during the checkout process though, I hope the dev teams would consider allowing the customer to enter their phone number during the sale. Think of it like the gas station rewards cards: you start the process by scanning a card or entering a phone number, choose what level of loyalty points you want to redeem, and then start pumping. 

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@ryanwanner Thanks for your customer's view of the Register system.  We use it in our store, but I've never yet been on the customer's side of the Register, so your comments are interesting to us.  We don't use Square's Loyalty program, we use punch cards for that purpose, but it's nice to know its shortcomings in case we want to look into transitioning over to it.  I was somewhat taken aback by your comment about not loving your experience, since none of our customers has ever complained about the CFD.  In fact most seem to enjoy it.

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@GlassDaleI should clarify something here. I did enjoy my experience from the customer standpoint. The transaction was smooth once I figured out where and which way to insert my card. I have been using the Customer Display app for the iPad Point of Sale since it was introduced, and I had heard that the Register version of the display was a lot more robust of an experience for the customer. Maybe I got it into my mind that this meant more of an interactive experience. Because of my hopeful perceptions of what to expect, when I was presented with what was available, it disappointed me. That is just me though. 


Or or maybe I’m just jaded because it was told to me that the upgrades seen on Register weren’t coming to the iOS version anytime soon. 😉


All kidding aside, I like the direction Square is going with the Customer Display; I just hope that the dev team is continuing to polish the experience for the customer. 

Is the micro usb cable for the CFD propriety? Can I replace the damage cable with another micro male-to-male cable?






You can order a replacement cable here! Let us know if you have any other issues with it.

Hi, we have uploaded our logo for our customer display and it looks great, but previously we had our business name in white lettering, and that is showing right on top of the logo.

Part of @evandoyle's pro-tips: "You can turn the image off at any point in the Settings section of Square Register. You can also choose to show your business name in white lettering over the image of your choosing, or over a black background if you do not have an image uploaded to the customer display. You can also control turning your business name text on/off in the Settings section of Square Register." Where is this setting??


Hey! I'm going to answer for @evandoyle here. You will see the option to toggle this on/off under Settings > Scroll down to Devices > Customer Display.


At the bottom of that screen, you will see "Show Business Name on Idle Screen" and "Show Profile Image on Idle Screen." You can toggle either of them on/off to change how the display looks.


Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

Hey @kellyj /  @AshleyK 


Can we use an off the shelf cable to connect the CD to the register? Is it proprietary or just micro usb to micro usb? USB2 or 3? Provides power and data?


40" is not long enough as the customer display would be about 10ft from the register.




@EatPizza Great questions! You can use a 3rd party cable if you need a longer one, and you will need to purchase a micro USB-C cable for it. 


It will provide power and data if it's connected with a hard wire. 

I'm wondering if there will ever be an option to keep the running total off of the customer facing screen and just show the final balance at the time of payment? We would prefer the customer not see their total increasing while they wait at checkout.


Hi there, @Jeppie - thanks for adding your voice here.


I checked in with our Hardware Teams, and there are no active plans to implement this feature at this time. However, I'm more than happy to pass this feature request over to our Product Teams for consideration! I would imagine no one likes to see their prices increasing 😅


Thanks, again! 

The dimensions don't fit the customer display.  I've tried everything, but my logo is round and I want to have it first as our background.


Hey, @CHC_Admin 👋 You may need to alter a version of your logo to display on a rectangular image - I have seen others have success with this approach. If you use a circular logo, the screen tends to zoom the image to fit the rectangular shape of the display. 

We just got the square POS system with the customer display and we are trying to upload a logo to the screen and can’t figure it out. I have uploaded the picture on the location details under logo and also point of sale checkout background and I restarted the system and it won’t let me slide the bar over to display the screen. HELP!!


Hey @Thesouthernpost-


Thanks for posting in the Seller Community. Please give our Support Team a call. We have a team that supports the Square Register specifically, and they will be able to resolve this right away if these instructions aren't working. 

@AshleyK  Regarding the cable that connects the CFD to the Register, you wrote: "You can use a 3rd party cable if you need a longer one, and you will need to purchase a micro USB-C cable for it."


I believe this is incorrect. I just looked at the CFD extension cable that came with my Register and it appears to be a Micro-USB 2.0 Type-B. The USB Type-C cable has a slightly larger pill-shaped connector and can be plugged in either side up.


(P.S. I don't know why I can't directly reply to any posts in this thread.)


Hi @Michael80 - Stepping in for AshleyK 🙂


Yes, you are right - the customer display cable is USB Type-B.  Sorry about that. We support so many products that we get a bit tripped up sometimes. 


Thanks for flagging !