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Product Update: Square Appointments Multi-Location

Hello again! Our Appointments team put in a lot of overtime these last couple months to greet you with a major product update in the new year. We’re happy to announce that with Square Appointments, you can now manage appointments across multiple locations!


With multiple location support, it's never been easier to:


  • Customize staff and hours at each location
  • Let clients book the service and staff at their preferred location
  • Include location address in your automated appointment reminders
  • Have a consolidated calendar, client list, and reporting for all locations in one account

So how exactly will this work? We’ll walk you through it, but we’re hoping it’s pretty seamless for you to set up.


To get started:


  1. Create or select a new location from the Locations section of Account & Settings in your online Square Dashboard. Here, you’ll create the location’s public profile and manage settings like business hours, time zone, and bank account. Visit our Support Center for step-by-step instructions on setting up Square Appointments for multiple locations.
  2. Once you have all locations created, enable them for Square Appointments. Go to Location Management in the Settings tab of your Appointments dashboard > click Add to AppointmentsAppointments Multi Location 1.png
  3. Get your staff set up. Visit the Staff tab in your Appointments dashboard to set hours, locations, and services for staff members.Appointments Multi Location 2.png
  4. View your schedule for each location from the Calendar tab of your Appointments dashboard by selecting a location from the dropdown menu. Appointments Multi Location 3.png
  5. Set up online booking for each location from the Online Booking tab of your Appointments dashboard by selecting the location from the dropdown menu.
  6. Start booking!

As a heads up, I also wanted to let you know that appointment settings like cancellation policies, pricing, and booking preferences are enabled across all locations and can’t be set on a per-location basis.

Let us know if you’re using Square Appointments and have multiple locations - we’d love to hear how this is working out for you!

Sean Square

@AWholeNewYou @releazar - As community members who had early access to this exciting new feature, can you please share some of your impressions after testing things out? What worked really well? Is there anything we can still improve on? Look forward to hearing back!  


I offer my services at two different locations and I want to be sure that the address is included for the specific location that the client is booking for. Is it possible to customize the communications?



Hi @AKemist


I've moved your post to this Product Update thread, as we've recently rolled out the ability to manage multiple-location appointments within Square. 


Check out this existing post and let me know if you have any other questions 👍🏼


Thank you for adding this feature! I'm just starting out with square appointments though so am still unclear on the following...having two different locations, there must be two different booking sites? Does this mean that when I set up my website I must have one button for those who want to schedule in one location and another button for those who want to schedule in the other location? I'm seeing that the booking site url is specific to location so I'm curious how this works from a client end, when they are scheduling online. Thanks!


Glad to hear this feature is helpful to you @abbyq


If you're using multiple locations with Appointments you don't need to have a separate booking site or button for each location. Your customer will see the option to Change Location from your booking site, or when they click through from the button. (This will appear at the top of the screen — see the screenshot below).


When your customers click Change Location they'll see a list of your locations and can select the one they'd like to make an appointment at! 





@Helen how can i get the link of my booking that you say customers can see both locations?


Hello @Vita!


This link will automatically appear after you've added your locations to your Appointments settings.


To add a location to Appointments:

  1. Sign into your online Dashboard and click Appointments.
  2. Click Settings from the top right.
  3. Click Location Management from the list on the left-hand side of your screen.
  4. Finally, click Add to Appointments next to any location you want allow your clients to book at.

When you've done this the Change Location link will automatically appear when your clients visit your online booking page.


Let me know if you have any additional questions! 😀


Regarding this feature and calendar sync, particularly, I am excited at the possibilities to make my business run way more seamlessly. I use Google Calendars extensively to track all the madness in my universe--being a lone wolf businessperson can be insane! So these tools you are releasing are really helpful, but as of right now won't work for my situation...

I have a unique use case I'd like to have input on:

Booking availability for my business varies based on what "location" someone wants to book for. In this case, I have two different studios in my yoga/dance studio which I use to teach group or private lessons--each is a different size and thus cost to rent, and it is shared with other teachers who rent it so the schedule varies from day-to-day or week-to-week. I track all this in a couple of Google Calendars, one for each room, and I can see at a glance if a student or group of students want to book with me in Studio A, certain hours are available, and if they want to book in Studio B different hours are available. I am trying to find a front-facing solution where students can see what studio availability there is and book accordingly, automatically blocking out availability. To try to address this, I synched one of the calendars to my account, but I am seeing now it won't allow me to tie availability to the LOCATION, only to me as a businessperson. Let me give an example of the problem in more detail:

Studio A is the one I already synched, and great! It blocks out the hours the studio is already scheduled by someone else in the Google Calendar, from 6-10pm at night. So if they want Studio A, they can book any hour slots from 7am-5pm.


Let's say Studio B is available Mon/Tues 7am-12pm, and then again from 3pm-10pm, and is not available at all Sundays. 

As you can see, this won't work properly if both calendars just sync to a person and not a location. If I sync both calendars together, it will show Sundays as never available in any studio (because Sunday will be blocked out due to Studio B's block), and it won't show that appointments in Studio B are available in the evenings because Studio A's calendar would say 6pm-on is booked every night.

The alternative would be to treat it like two different people and sync the calendars to those "people" named Studio A and Studio B", but then you will charge me $50 to use the appointments application since it will act as if I have employees, which I don't.

Is there some workaround I am not seeing for my situation? I know these things can look simple on the front end to users like us, but I also do some web design (hand coding as well as Drupal and WP) and know what an incredible cluster-f' calendaring is logistically, so perhaps this isn't an option. Mainly the sticky bit is suddenly having to pay $50 to pretend to split me as one person into two; otherwise a solution would be pretty simple to attain. Thoughts?


Hey @HeyShay! 😀 Thanks for your detailed post. There is a solution for this without setting up two members of staff but it might not be the right fit for you.


To get started, set up two locations and then manually set the availability at each location depending on the availability of that studio for that week. (You'd have to manage this from the Appointments Calendar on your Dashboard, not a Google calendar.) Then you could manually update the Appointments calendar anytime someone books a session on the 'shared studio calendar'. 


I realize this isn't the most efficient solution and I've shared your case with the Appointments team directly, they definitely appreciate your feedback. If there is a better solution for managing multi-location individual business (i.e. no staff) like yourself we'll update this thread to let you know!


I am setting up my office information and have a problem that I can't figure out how to solve.  If I have only one employee (myself), but I have two locations, how do I make sure people book for the right location?  

For example, on Mondays and Tuesdays I am at one office, and W-F a different office.  Is there a way to designate different appointment types to different available appointments?



Hi @vsarahmarie! There is definitely a way! 🙂


We moved your post to this Product Update thread. @Kpay's information above walks you through step by step on how you can set yourself up to accept appointments from multiple locations.


Let us know if you have any additional questions after checking out this post!


Hey @zroom, thanks for your post - so sorry to keep you waiting for a reply. I'm not exactly sure I understand what you're trying to do with your calendars — espcially if you're already using staff as a workaround for rooms! Would you be able to give us a call? We have a team of Appointments specialists who can help sync your calendars and locations with a bit more information about what you're looking to achieve.


It also sounds like you're trying to switch locations from the app. At this time to change locations from the app you do have to sign out and sign back in again. It's eaiser to manage multiple locations from your online Square Dashboard as you can use the dropdown at the top of the screen to switch between calendars.