Reintroducing Square Point of Sale
Reintroducing Square Point of Sale

Square Point of Sale is now better than ever. The user interface that you’ve come to know over the years has gone through a few key changes to make your day-to-day business easier to manage. With added features throughout the redesigned checkout and navigation flows, you’ll be able to accomplish more each day and watch your business grow.


What’s New?

Along with the addition of the new Settings redesign, the Square app has been transformed to simplify the way you interact with your point of sale. To start, the Keypad, Library, and Favorites sections have moved from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen for iOS devices, Android devices, and Square Terminal. The same tools will be available on the left side of the screen for Square Register. The option to add a customer to your sale is now seamlessly integrated into your checkout, as well. You can also easily manage your balances, reports, invoices, items, customers, orders, and settings through the ≡ More menu to ensure your business runs just the way you like it to — smoothly and efficiently.


In addition to navigational changes, sellers using the Square Point of Sale app on a mobile device or Square Terminal will have the ability to create an item grid through the Favorites section of the Checkout screen. The feature—which has historically only been available to sellers using iPads, Android tablets, or Square Register—allows sellers to add frequently used items and categories (as well as gift cards, rewards, and discounts) to their main Checkout screen for ease of use. Now, the workflow that was previously limited to a specific set of devices, can be easily used across whatever device sellers and team members use to take payments.


Note: These changes are rolling out gradually across all device types, starting with iOS and Android devices, followed by Square Terminal and Square Register.


Read the full update with all the details of what's changed.