[Roundup] ๐Ÿ’˜ February 2023 ๐Ÿ’˜ Product Updates and New Features

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If you missed any of these feature releases and announcements then now is your chance to get caught up! Here are all the product updates that were posted on the Seller Community throughout February 2023๐Ÿ™Œ 



1. [Improvement] Transactions Report Enhancements

2. [New] Square Appointments: Require Card on File to Book Online

3. [New] Declare Cash Tips from Shift Report



1.[Improvement] Transactions Report Enhancements

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I'm happy to highlight a number of improvements we recently made to the Transactions report, which is one of the most widely used reports we offer! We know it's really important for y'all to easily understand how much fees youโ€™re paying, what your take-home amount will be for any given transaction, as well as how to reconcile your sales if you've received free processing from a referral or survey you were part of. With this in mind, we've introduced some new fields that should make these things a breeze for y'all! 


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2. [New] Square Appointments: Require Card on File to Book Online

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The Appointments team added a new online booking payment setting where you can require your clients to save a Card on File to book. You can use the Card on File for fast and easy checkout. This new setting can be used in conjunction with the no-show protection and prepayment payment settings, and can be turned on through Settings > Payments & Cancellations on your Square Dashboard.


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3. [New] Declare Cash Tips from Shift Report

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We are constantly looking to help you streamline your operations. Today we launched additional support for cash tip tracking, which allows you and your team to declare cash tips without clocking out. Previously, you would have had to clock out to declare cash tips in order to generate an accurate shift report. With the initial launch of cash tip tracking, we learned that many of you want to keep your staff clocked in even after they run their shift report which was not possible before.


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Super Seller

Looking good, cash tip declaration while clocked in is a basic but helpful update and my bookkeeper is liking the look of transaction report updates. 

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Super Seller

This is why I love this featured section of a recap for the month.  Iโ€™m always missing something and I saw a feature about โ€œrequiring card on file to bookโ€.  This will make the checkout process a lot faster now.  Most of our clients like not having to pull their card out to pay, but most think when they secure their appointment with a credit card that it automatically places the card on file and we were having to do it for them.  Nowโ€ฆthing in the past!  


Alsoโ€ฆthis is going to help us out with no call/no shows.  Before we could only charge 50% of the service booked and send the rest in invoice and hope they would pay (most didnโ€™t)โ€ฆnow we can charge the full amount per the cancellation policy; and with the added bonus of not allowing prepaid debit cardsโ€ฆweโ€™re really getting secure.  Thanks a million Square ๐Ÿ™‚

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Super Seller

Hey @Ryan_M.  For some reason, my Transactions report looks the same as it always did.  No new fields.  Is this a phased rollout, or is my account needing to be checked out?




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Hi @TheRealChipA !

It turns out we had to roll back these changes while we address a few high priority bugs. Everything should be re-launched soon, but I don't have a specific date yet.

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