Self-Serve Ordering now available with Square Online!

We're excited to announce Self-Serve Ordering, which allows sellers to create unique QR codes for each ordering location – like tables, parking spaces, or kiosks. This allows your customers to scan the QR code and put in an order online without having any unnecessary contact with the staff.


By enabling Self-Serve Ordering, you can improve your efficiency and customer experience:

  • Provide peace of mind to diners and staff by limiting contact and shared surfaces.
  • Increase table turnover times.
  • Free up staff to focus on other tasks.
  • Give diners the freedom to order and reorder when they want.
  • Improve order accuracy by putting the power in the customers hands.
  • Offer easy payment options with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Square Pay.


How does it work?


  1. Customers scan the QR code at their table using the camera on their mobile device.

  2. They’re sent to your order online page where they’ll add items to the cart and purchase as usual. At checkout, they’ll see information about how to re-order, and receive a text message and confirmation email.

  3. Self-serve orders will show up as “delivery” at this time in Order Manager and on the Printed Ticket, but your staff can view the order details to see self-serve information (e.g. Booth 12).


As many restaurants reopen with guidelines for single-use or digital menu requirements, we hope this helps you operate safely during these uncertain times.

Ready to get started? Check out our Support Center for step-by-steps.

Square Beta would like to thank the sellers who have given us amazing feedback product and for this launch: @Lilbeastpdx@vinesandrushes@JamesSandbar@londontea@ggilmore, and @Donnie-M!

Beta Member

While this looks like it might be a decent solution for ordering while at our restaurant, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working.  It won't let me delete the pre-populated categories you guys have added to my store.  There's also no way to hide or delete the "Choose Location" option from the top.  We only have one location.  Probably needs more testing and polish before it was released.

How about all the other feature requests we never see any progress on: Pre-Orders, Wish Lists, Gift Registries, Mass Customer Edits for Loyalty, Loyalty Export / Import, Text Message Marketing (to ALL customers, not just Birthdays, etc),  Custom Flags for products on the Online Store, etc.  All these requests have been ignored for years...  Is there a public-facing list of feature requests so at least the community can confirm they're actually being recorded and planned for?  That'd be helpful to know, so we can see if it's even worth waiting for...

Beta Member

How is this any different than me printing a QR code that goes to our online order site??

Beta Member

I love this.  Is there a way to use a URL if the customer does not know how to use QR ?

Super Seller

@dsaxena_pdx Rather than a standard QR code that just brings user to our your regular online order site, orders placed through these specialized QR codes are tied to specific Tables/Seats/Pickup-Windows/Areas/Zones/Counters - so when the orders come in, you know where the customer is sitting & you can bring it straight to them or to a designated area!

It's pretty cool stuff!

Super Seller

Super cool stuff @Tom !

Very excited to see all the cool things sellers will do with this to make contactless ordering the way of the future!

Super Seller

@brick Hey I read your comment and it hit home to me on feelings I have had over the years.  I wanted to offer my feelings and experience in the hope that helps you come to the same place I am now.  


I have a ton of features and requests that I would love to see implemented.  One for a long time was being able to have multiple web sites for my different stores with different branding.  It was just not available for the past 3 years.  This year it became available and it was a game changer for me!  There are other quality of life requests I would love to have, but it boils down to important versus urgent.  Even though the teams behind the scenes working on features are absolutely awesome in my opinion, they still have to prioritize urgent, important, and worthwhile tasks and developments.


I see a lot of your interest is with the loyalty and marketing programs, which unfortunately I have had to deprioritize at the moment.  It is a great system, and one thing I have found is to set aside some time each week to poke around the pos, dashboard, and online store and you will find changes that you were like...wait when did that happen!


The online/contactless and website developments have moved so fast in the past 6 months, I am amazed at what square has been able to do for sellers like myself.  There have been bugs and refinements that have been fixed.  While not always perfect,  those requests you mention do get looked at.  What seems easy to me, isn't always easy from an engineering standpoint.


So my habit, which I recommend to you, is to search your request on the forums and look for any thread that pertains to the feature and make a post and ask for an update.  But do this regularly, things change and information does go out that you miss.  Also, I make myself learn to use the features and tools I have first before I wish for new toys...this one is the hardest part.  This new update with the QR codes gives you something many businesses do not have and can really give you an edge.


We set up a separate free online store just for in house ordering and we are in the process of redoing it to make it available for people to walk up and order outside.  We have a little retail shop around the corner and we are setting it up there for people to order and we deliver it them.  The store has a little warmer box to store the food if they want to order and come down and pick up when convenient once they have the QR code.

ChowNow has been doing this for months for lots of my customers. I just talked to my rep there and it's been going very well. Their online ordering process is also much smoother and has a much wider reach than Square so while I recommend square for POS to all of my restaurant clients, I've always recommended their online ordering system. I was thrilled when they announced they were now integrated with Square too. Two great companies working together is how it should be. It's amazing how much engineering power could be saved by cooperative development between companies - imagine if Square and ChowNow weren't working on the same thing separately, but each working on different things to solve more restaurant challenges together at the same time. 

Our company only offers delivery so, I may give it a try.

Square Community Moderator

@ff1 Glad to hear it!! Let us know what you think 

I congratulate you on yet another way to raise your prices.  So you will charge me another .20 cents per transactions to be allowed to use this *Free service.  Thank you so much.


You guys are good but enough is enough.  Already tacked on the .10 cents last year, now this.  


Please keep in mind small ticket sellers like myself.  You are crushing us and even though you have an awesome system, now that I think about it, since my cashiers are doing the work of placing the orders and asking if customers want to leave a tip, I will start looking at other more inexpensive options to see what is being offered.  


*PS Would love to see your numbers, to see how this pandemic has affected your bottom line.  Have a feeling you are killing it but still want more.  

Beta Member

Two steps forward/one step back.


We implemented this much needed feature this past weekend.  Overall it went well. We did get blindsided that the "notes to seller" field was repurposed to store that QR code location.  We use the notes field regularly and now suffer a pain point that we have to change our process.


We experienced an error rate of 5% on QR processing even on customers that successfully processed an order and then the reorder did not reflect the QR table data.

I run a bar and bottleshop so we are hybrid of online shop and also restaurant (we just sell drinks).

Is there a way to get this working for my scenario as it seems to want me to switch to restaurant mode.


This feature would be very useful given the restrictions in the UK.

I agree with Exfan,


This is supposed to help us out during COVID right? No its helping you out during COVID by lining your pockets with the higher fee you charge for online sales. Thanks for the "Help." 

What is the fee when choosing "QR code" at checkout?

Does anyone know how to set this so that the customer is prompted to tip at checkout with preselected tip amounts? 

Beta Member

go to Online Overview

select Settings


Select Pickup and Delivery - advanced settings

you will see Order Tipping

enable and choose your default percentage ( we do 20%)


This process is very different than in POS.  When you set this up the tip is set and stays unless the customer takes deliberate action to change it. In the POS it will be 0 unless the customer selects one of the options offered.


We have seen a 60% increase in tips for our staff when we implemented this.





Hi all!


We have an added improvement we're looking to get testers involved in, and I know this was a big reason that some of you fell of testing the self-serve ordering function the first go around.

We are now supporting Open Tickets in beta, and need your help to test this. 


To get started please join our Beta Community, so you can be added to this test audience.


@Rudbeckia, @stripp, @MileandaThird , @ff1, @aoschuster , @ , @Donnie-M , @snowpacktaproom 


For me, I think the general concept is good. However, right now with the pandemic and no dine in options allowed, I think it would be good to have a generic code with no table number.  Just the customer name. I think this is also true for any counter service. 

Super Seller

@lfdy good call! A general QR code option would be extremely helpful to us as well for the pandemic induced counter-serve model.

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