Seller Community Feature Requests 2021: Six Months of Awesome!
Seller Community Feature Requests 2021: Six Months of Awesome!

It’s wild and hard to believe, but we’re already halfway through 2021! With how fast this year has rolled by, it seems like a good idea to pause and take a look back at feature requests and product launches from the last six months. 


Keep an eye out for updates in the near future to the feature request experience here in the Seller Community. I think you’ll be really excited!


Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at some of our product launches over the past 6 months!

Square for Restaurants


Printer Settings on iOS 

Printers gone wild! 🖨 🖨 🖨 💨 We’ve updated the printer settings for iOS to make it even easier to configure printers, select items and categories to print, and identify what printer is connected to the Square app. 


Square Online: 


👇 We released several updates to Square Online recently! 👇


Multiple Email Addresses for Order Notifications

You can now have order notifications sent to multiple email addresses, making it much easier to manage who is notified of orders through your online store. 📧📧📧 👈


Single-use coupons

Set up single-use coupons for customers, and fine-tune how customers use your coupons. Once they coupon, it’s coup-off for them!


Restricted Dates

If you need to turn off online ordering on specific days, you can now set up restricted dates for your Square Online store. Time to plan that vacation!


Square Online Checkout: Pickup fulfillment

In addition to shipping, you can now use pickup as a fulfillment type with Square Online checkout links. 🛍👜🎒


Square Appointments


Fixed-Rate and Tiered Commissions

From your Square Dashboard, you can now assign fixed-rate and tiered commissions to staff, making it even easier to compensate them based on years of experience or items or services sold. 🤑🤑🤑


Booking site powered by Square Online

Shiny and new! Your customers can now easily book appointments online using a new booking site powered by Square Online.


Square Appointments: Multi-staff appointment scheduling

You wanted to schedule services with different staff members for a single appointment, and guess what? It’s coming soon! 


Square Loyalty and Directory


Exclude Ineligible Items from Your Rewards Program

If you run a spend-based Square Loyalty program you can now exclude certain items or categories from Loyalty, so customers only earn points on items you choose. Now you can point them to specific items that will earn them loyalty. 🙂



Customer Group Discounts

For those that want to send group discounts, you can now set up discounts for groups in the Square Point of Sale app. Friends and family will love how much easier it will be for them to get that discount they want so badly!


Square Invoices


Custom Fields

To provide you with more customization options for your invoices, you can now add custom fields. You can ask your customers anything you want on an invoice now. No really, literally anything.


Square for Retail

Inventory counting tool

Retail businesses need to perform cycle counts of inventory on a regular basis. You can now count inventory with the Square for Retail app by scanning barcodes with your scanner or mobile device camera. 📱📷👈


Square Point of Sale: 


mPOP Receipt Printer and Cash drawer support

We now support the Star Micronics mPOP printer driven cash drawer for Android as well as iOS, for those that want a cash drawer and printer in one. I wonder if there’s an mROCK, mHIPHOP, and mCOUNTRY printer. 🤔🤔🤔


Signature-free Checkout

In order to make a faster and safer checkout process for your customers, signatures are no longer required by default. ✏️


Team Management/Team applet

Managing your team members is now easier - you can now manage team members with the Point of Sale app and Square Terminal. Go team go! 🏈




Square Terminal: Order Manager

You can now manage online orders and more from your Square Terminal. 💅

Your thoughts and voices are important, and thank you again for the great feedback and suggestions you’ve made! We’re working on more updates and improvements to feature request functionality here on Community - expect to hear more soon (and not just bad jokes and emoji)!