Send Custom Contracts with Square Invoices
Send Custom Contracts with Square Invoices

Protecting your business doesn’t need to mean stacks of paperwork. Now, for a limited time, you can send custom contracts with Square Invoices to secure details of a job or an order in one click.


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Use our new integrated contracts feature to:


Build strong working relationships

Create professional contracts with useful guidance from a premade clause library to establish strong working relationships with your clients. 


Customize your contract

Use high-quality, ready-to-sign contract templates that you can tailor to work for your business by updating with the custom details of your agreement or create your own template from scratch. Save, re-use, and edit contract templates for similar projects to save time as you build contracts for your clients. 


Protect your business

Quickly outline policies, send for e-signature, and invoice for payment to remove barriers to getting your money on time. Outline your policies and get more leverage when challenging costly payment disputes with your customer’s bank. 


Get everyone on the same page

Set expectations from the get-go by spelling out the terms and conditions of your agreement, and clearly lay out the expectations for both sides, including specific details about timeframes, payments, expenses and procedures for sorting out any potential disagreements.


Contracts integration with Invoices will be available in the US to start, and exclusively on Desktop. Mobile support for previewing a contract from an invoice and linking a contract from the invoice creation flow will be released soon!


You can easily access the template library and start building custom contracts within the Invoices workflow: 


Learn more about Square contracts integration with Invoices and creating contract templates.



Square Beta would love to have you as a part of our on-going Contracts Broad Beta. Help review/test/and preview the updates before the rest of the world but joining Square Contracts Broad Beta.