Square Appointments Integrates with Instagram

Square Appointments now supports appointment booking directly through Instagram.


You are now able to add a Book button to your Instagram business profile, allowing customers to instantly book an appointment without ever leaving the Instagram app. Setup is quick, easy, and 100% free. All you need is a business profile on Instagram and your Square Appointments online booking site turned on.


New bookings will sync with Square Appointments, just like when your clients book from your online booking site.


We have already added the Book button to sellers who meet the below criteria:

  • Have linked their Instagram account to their Square Appointments online booking site
  • Have added their Square Appointments online booking site URL to their Instagram business profile


If you don't yet meet the above criteria, follow the instructions below to turn it on.


First, you will need:

  • A business profile on Instagram
  • Your Square Appointments online booking site turned on


To receive bookings through Instagram:


  1. Go to your business profile on Instagram and tap Edit Profile.
  2. Click Business Information, then Contact Options.
  3. Tap the Add an action button and select “Appointments by Square.”  
  4. Add your Square Appointments online booking site URL.




To turn off bookings through Instagram:


  1. Go to your business profile in the Instagram app and tap the Gear
  2. Tap Edit Profile, then Contact Options.
  3. Select the word Book on your business profile and delete it.


We hope this integration helps you turn a place of discovery into a place where you can grow your business!


More details on how to set up appointment booking on Instagram can be found in our Support Center. Please share any feedback or questions you may have!


Hello.  What exacrly is my "booking site url" please?  Is this obtained thru the Square Appointments app?  If not, what is it please?  Thabk you 

Yes. Go to square appointments, the link is posted there. You can choose. 

you can add it to your website. 

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Hi wanted to know how can I get the link to post it on my Snapchat? So people can start booking with me? 


While you can absolutely use Instagram to allow your customers to access your booking site, we don't have any kind of integration directly with Snapchat at this time, @Vanessal123.


I did a quick Google search for "make a link clickable on Snapchat" and it looks like there is absolutely a way to include a clickable link in a Snapchat. You could definitely use that Snapchat feature to share the link to your booking site through Snaps! Find the link to your booking site by heading here, clicking Online Booking, then Booking Site. Hope this helps!

Are we still able to integrate with IG. I am looking for “appointments by square” in the action button but don’t see it. May someone please help me

Same. Tried to add the gift card tab thinking it would add another tab but it just erased my book tab. Tried to add the book tab back but now there's no Square option.


Hi @Icey and @BodywoRx,


I addressed this in this thread here so please check this one for more details on this integration. 


Hey @jsoubliere,


I moved your post to an existing thread where I provided an update on this feature.


Please check out my Best Answer for more details.