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Square Appointments Update: Introducing Customer Card on File

What’s the Customer Account?


The Customer Account streamlines the way your clients view and book appointments with your business. When a client books an appointment, we'll save their information — so the next time they visit your online booking site, they can sign in to quickly book with you or your staff.  


The Customer Account is also a great way for your customers to manage their own appointments. You’ll save time on your end since your customers can view their past and upcoming appointments, as well as schedule a new one from your booking site.


What’s the Update?


Today, we began rolling out our latest feature, Customer Account Card on File!


Previously, if you had No-Show Protection or appointment prepayment enabled, your customers were required to enter their payment details each time they booked an appointment. In an effort to remove this extra step and create a frictionless experience, we now offer your customers the option to save their card to their profile. The next time they book with your business, they can select their saved card rather than re-entering their payment information — making the booking and checkout experience easier than ever.


For those of you that do not have No-Show Protection or appointment prepayment enabled, your customers can still add a card on file by logging into their Customer Account to safely and securely save their card info. Once your customer saves their information, you can charge their card on file at the end of each visit. No need to swipe or enter payment details during checkout! Charging a card on file saves time while providing your customers with an overall seamless checkout experience.

Customer Account (1).png

To get started charging your customer’s card on file from the Appointments app:


  1. Tap on an appointment in your calendar for a client with a card on file.
  2. Tap Review and Check Out.
  3. Add any additional items or services > select Charge. Appointment information will automatically carry over from the booked appointment.
  4. Scroll down on the payment options screen > Card on File. You will see your customer’s card on file along with the card type and pan.
  5. Tap Charge.
  6. Confirm the payment by tapping Charge one more time.

Please note this could take a week or two before your customers see this in their account.


You can read more about Customer Accounts and using card on file with Appointments on our Support Center.


As always, thanks for reading this far and being part of the Seller Community! New features like these are made possible thanks to your suggestions. If you have any questions or feedback about this feature, feel free to reply to this thread.


I am so excited! This is going to make my life so much easier. Thank you!


The major down fall to this feature is the higher percentage taken out of each transaction plus the regular fee.


But if we use “card on file” to charge them, will the fee be higher? It would still be more economical to just swipe the card?


I'm not a fan of a default feature that ups my percentage. Are there options to turn this off, like on invoices?


I am a small business and don't offer credit card as a payment method. I don't want this to show up when a client books. Is it automatic or can I disable this feature?


@Camachos3 If you charge a card on file from your Appointments Dashboard the only fee for that transaction will be 3.5% + $.15.


@hairbyana Yes, you can choose to charge your customer's card using the reader instead. The fee for a payment that is dipped, tapped or swiped is 2.75% per transaction. 


@kayogaayurveda There isn't a way to disable this feature but I'll share that request with the team. If you don't want to charge your customer's card information on file you could require prepayment (2.9% + $.30 per transaction) or choose to charge their card using the reader as I mentioned above (2.75%).


@tlkenney If you don't accept cards (meaning you've also opted not to have no-show protection or to require prepayment) then your clients won't see this option. 


Why must the percentage be higher anyway? It's all the same charges and not much of a different process than taking money off the account..


Great question @ARenee! Card on file payments can be processed with out the payment card or the cardholder being physically present, so they are associated with higher risk. For that reason the per transaction fee is a bit higher. This Support Center article has more information about Square's fees but if you have any other questions let me know! 


@Helen I know what the percentage and transaction fee are.  But as a small business owner that little bit counts. So yes a card on file is faster but I'd rather swipe or dip my clients cards and not loss out on additional revenue. It will add up quickly over time.


I am really grateful you guys resolved this issue with the card saving!  I will pay the extra fee to protect us from no shows without having to akwardly ask for the card after they have already entered it in the first time.  Thank you!


I think there should also be an option to save charged card to customer profile following a successful transaction. This enables both the merchant and customer to discuss and have knowledge of this payment option for future transactions. My clients have left their cards home before thinking they had one saved on file When it wasn’t. You can imagine the confusion, embarrassment, and inconvenience that results from this.


Also, does the rate for a manual transaction apply for using the “saved on file” option? If so,

this ultimately isn’t beneficial for merchants 


I am in the spa industry, what about tips? My clients always tips me so if I check them out with card on file how do they add their tlp?


@Moibella122 We'll share your request with the Appointments Team, I see how that would be helpful. The per transaction fee for card on file is 3.5% + $0.15c. 


@threadqueen Your clients can still add a tip to the sale. After you select Card on File as the payment method you'll see a screen with tip options that your customer can select, and then they can sign to complete the payment. 


Can you guys please type up a step by step that we can send to our customers via email< customer engagement?  This is a great feature that will make everyones scheduling experience that much better.    


Card on file is seen as card not present? so higher fees and per transaction fee as well? 


 @tlkenney Just curious....you dont except credit cards but you use Square?  Why? 


Hello @UrbanShaveSD!


I'll share your feedback on having pre-made messaging with our Email Marketing Team. Right now you can fit all of the steps outlined above into the quick update, newsletter, or new product templates. 


Also, you hit the nail on the head in regards to the Card on File fee. 🙂


Our customers are booking online with the no show protection- then unlinking their card info- so this defeats the purpose of us collecting card info for no show protection. How can we stop guests from unlinking their cards so that we can still charge the no show fees if needed? Who will cover these fees when the customer does not pay them due to changes made by square?


Thanks for surfacing this, @gchaseee, and sorry to hear about the trouble this has been causing. I don't have more details on hand at the moment, but I'll run this by our Appointments team for further review. I'd like to share more insight with our Appointments team—how often has this prevented you from being able to process a cancellation fee?


I like having this option but I will not be using it any longer knowing that the processing fee is higher.   When you announced this "new" feature no where did you state that the processing fee would be higher for "Card on File" transactions.   I looked at the email and the announment above.    This a complete misrepresentation of this "new" feature.   


New clients book appointments and a card is needed to hold that apointment.   Pretty much industry standard.   For existing clients that may not already have a card on file, I have the option to save their card to their customer file at the end of their serive.   It's a convience for all of us (client and stylist) later.   In a salon and spa enviroment, where a service is physically being done, the client is actually present at the end of their service.   Which doesn't explain why the processing fee is lower for a Pre-Payment or No Show appoitment.  In those cases the client is not there.  It makes no sense.  


I would imaging that those of us in the service industry are your (Square's) primarily clients using Appointments.   You really need to rethink this difference if processing fee when it comes to the service industry and this "Card on File" feature.  



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