Square Appointments for Android: View Your Calendar by Week and Create Personal Events 🎉

Good news! We’ve added two new features to help you manage your schedule from the Appointments app on an Android device:


You can now view your calendar and scheduled appointments by week (as well as by day).




You can now create a Personal Event from the app too.



Appointments Calendar by weekAppointments Calendar by weekAppointments Calendar by dayAppointments Calendar by dayCreate a personal eventCreate a personal event


If you haven’t already, check the Google Play Store for an update to Square Appointments. Once you’ve updated the app you’ll see these new features right away!



For an overview of the Appointments app head to the Square Support Center. If you have any questions comment below!


When are u going to fix or make it available so we can see our Staff schedule in 1 day? We have all Android's and cannot see other staff schedule. Which conflicts with everybody schedule. We need to have the ability to see eacha others schedule so we can run the salon. Is this not available with square? Should we move to Vagaro, Booksy, ECT?... 


Hi @Salon136


We'll definitely pass this feedback along to the appropriate Product Teams. Appointments for Android doesn't have this functionality quite yet. We're not exactly sure of when this feature will launch. 🙁 If and when it becomes available, we'll be sure to notify everyone here in the Seller Community.

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