Square Appointments -- now available in Spanish!

You can now choose to display your customer’s text and email reminders in Spanish with Square Appointments.


To update the language preference for your customer’s email and text message reminders, follow the below instructions:


  1. Open your computer and log in to your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click on the upper left menu in your Dashboard and select Account & Settings.
  3. Click Personal Information, and scroll to find Preferences.
  4. Under Preferences, select your preferred language.

Your dashboard and online booking site will display whichever language you choose from your personal browser settings.


es-email-illustration (2).png


Citas Square ahora está disponible en español


A partir de ahora puede gestionar sus necesidades de pago y reservas en español. Puede elegir el idioma que usted y sus clientes verán en los recordatorios por correo electrónico y mensaje de texto.


Para actualizar sus ajustes de idioma para estos recordatorios siga las instrucciones:


  1. Abra su computadora y acceda a su Panel de Datos Square.
  2. Seleccione el menú de la esquina superior izquierda y seleccione Ajustes.
  3. Haga clic en Información Personal y navegue a Preferencias.
  4. Bajo Preferencias, seleccione su idioma de preferencia.

Su panel de datos y su sitio web de reservas mostrará el idioma que elija desde los ajustes de su navegador personal.



Why only Spanish? 


@ndb_bakery What other language(s) would you like to see? I'll share your feedback with the Appointments team! 

I don't want to have to be comitted to one language, need to ability to switch it up between different clients. Burdens of having clients in California + LatAm.


Any way to have multiple languages availavle i.e. booking site in Spanish and one in English?

What if I don't want my preference in Spanish but what my customers to have access to Spanish Booking?


Thanks for your comments @Gibran and @Dcantu011!


Your Appointments booking site will display in Spanish if your customer has selected Spanish as their preferred browser on their mobile device or computer. That way they will view your site in Spanish regardless of your Square settings.


You're right though, the email/SMS messages update are currently limited to either English or Spanish at this time. Thanks for your feedback about having the language set by each client, I agree that would be useful! 

Is there an option to change the settings to Spanish for individual customers? Also, Is there an option to keep the appointment site in English but send the reminders in Spanish?


Hey @ElinosBeauty


It looks like another community member already asked these questions. I recommend checking out @Helen's answer. 🙂