Square Invoices now syncs with Square Inventory

I’m happy to announce yet another update for Square’s Inventory management system. Every item sold through your Square Invoices can now be tracked by Square Inventory! No more keeping two record sheets for what you sell in store and what you sell through your invoices, all of your inventory will live in one place and it’s a breeze to set up!


To get started, make sure you have Inventory Management enabled on your account, then head over to the Items tab of your Square Dashboard:


  • Click the Settings button in the upper right hand corner of your Items page.
  • Toggle on Enable Inventory Management for Invoices.
  • Click Save.

Once you’ve enabled Inventory Management for Invoices, your items will be tracked automatically! Thanks again for your feedback on the need for this feature, and let us know if you have any questions or comments!


THANK YOU for this feature!!! This is going to save me a lot of time! 

Does the inventory get removed when I create the invoice, or when I mark the invoice as Paid?

Is this different then the email notices I already get? Once a product is sold, I already have it set to alert me when I am down to one. 


@tomlittle8345 Your inventory will be removed when you mark the invoice as paid, or when it's paid by your customer! 👍



Thanks for the confirmation, but having the inventory relieved when I mark an invoice as paid does not help me a lot.  I do some wholesaling where I give my customers 15 days to pay.  The current process means that my online store inventory is now overstated during the window of payment and could result in someone purchasing something online that is actually out of stock.  There should me a mechanism to allow us to choose when the inventory gets relieved when using invoices.


Oh I see! I'll share that feature request with our Product Team, thanks for the feedback! I know they'll be interested to learn about how you'd like to use Invoices for your business. I'm sorry for the trouble this might cause in the meantime. If there are any updates in future we'll let you know in this thread! 


@SweetJs This feature is a bit different — it means that if you send a Square Invoice to your customer the inventory will also be tracked (this wasn't the case before!). It won't affect your stock alerts! 

We need this option too!  We sell via invoice and Online Store.  We need the inventory to depleted once invoice is created as we give our customers Net 15 to pay.  Thank you.


Thanks for your post to let us know how this would benefit your business @huttenkt, we hear you! 

I know this was a couple of years ago and things may have changed but I can't figure out how to find a settings button on the top right of my Items page to enable inventory management.  Invoices I am sending are not removing inventory from my stock.  What am I missing?


Hi there, @KimGorga - thanks for reaching out. Hopefully we can assist!


Are you looking to toggle on inventory management from the Online Dashboard or the Point of Sale mobile app?

Thanks.  I think I figured it out. on the online dashboard.  The inventory doesn't leave until the invoice is paid, not when I create the invoice.  Is there a way to have it disappear from stock when I create the invoice so I don't double sell something?

I submitted a question several months ago about needing the option to have my inventory to be removed when the invoice is created, not paid.  Without this option, we can potentially have someone purchase from our online store while an invoice that was just created hasn't been paid yet. If the invoice is canceled then the inventory should be returned to inventory automatically.  I think I received a response that it was something that can be looked into.  I would love an update.  It sounds like what @KimGorga is also looking for above.  Thank you!


Glad you got this one solved, @KimGorgo! 


The ability to actively deplete stock when an Invoice is created currently remains a Feature Request that many of our Sellers are asking for. As soon as we have more information regarding the fruition of this feature, we will be sure to vocalize it here heavily!


Thanks for your patience!

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