Square Online Store - Turn on Local Delivery

This post was updated by a community moderator on April 20, 2020 to reflect app improvements and feature enhancements.


In many areas of Australia, we know that the recent measures to control the coronavirus outbreak is impacting your business. To help you continue serving your customers, local delivery is now available with your Square account via Square Online Store..


With the delivery feature turned on, customers can select delivery at checkout and also opt in to receive delivery text alerts. Order tickets sent to your kitchen will print all delivery details in the notes section. New delivery functionality lets you set estimated delivery time, delivery fee, and minimum delivery order value.


To turn on Local Delivery:

If you're new to Square or haven't set up a Square Online store, follow these steps first: How to Sell Online and Allow for Pickup Orders. Next, sign into the online Square Dashboard and proceed with the process below.





For an illustration on what your customer sees and steps to complete the delivery order process, have a look at the presentation below.



If you'd like to see a comprehensive guide, check out this article in our Support Center: Learn how to set up local delivery.


In a neighborhood where your customers can come to you? Consider trying out curbside pickup: Turn on Curbside Pickup


Let us know how it's going and don't hesitate to raise any questions.


Hi, do you know of a way to activate Delivery and NOT pickup.

Sadly I just took ages making my online shop and now find Pickup and Delivery are linked together as one thing.

I can't/don't want to offer pickup I only want to offer delivery.

Does anyone know about this, or if another online shop like wix/shopify etc can do this?

many thanks


Hey @BrewMountains,


This is feedback we've heard loud and clear - we're working to get this happening ASAP!


I'll make sure to update anyone who responds in this thread once the change has been implemented 👍

Thanks Seamus for your reply.

Can you put a timeline on ASAP.  What’s a realistic date for this being implemented?



Hey @BrewMountains,


I don't have a timeline to share unfortunately, however we're really working on getting Online Store features such as this out ASAP, as a top priority - it'll be out as soon as it's done and working!


For what it's worth, yesterday the following features went live, to be announced officially tomorrow (it's still Sunday where the features are being developed in the US):


Customer SMS notifications - go to Settings > Checkout > Advanced Settings > Edit 




Delivery Zones - go to Settings > Pickup & Delivery > Edit Location Settings



We'll continue to expand on these features over the coming weeks, please feel free to continue providing feedback on features that would be useful to you!



Thanks @Seamus hopefully very soon.

is there a way to request enhancements and report bugs other than in this bog? 

For example. If I put a min order of $40 for free local delivery but only order $20 the site says it won’t deliver to my address, does not tell the buyer why ( being below the $40 threshold). A different message for being outside KM range would be useful too with a message I could choose (with defaults available) thanks 


Hey @BrewMountains,


Posting in our Seller Community is a great start! Our product team regularly browses these forums to see what our users are saying and requesting.


Personally, I also advocate for our Australian merchants and try to make sure the feedback I'm seeing is getting to the right people at Square.


I can certainly see that clearer messaging here would be helpful and will pass on this feedback! A workaround I can suggest in the meantime would be to note the delivery minimum and radius in a prominent position on your home page, or anywhere else on your online store that you think would be helpful!

Hi @Seamus I have noticed that customers need to fill out address details when finishing up with the cart purchase, even though when a physical item is only available as a kerbside pickup.

I fear some people might find this to be an unnecessary intrusion of their privacy and an attempted data grab, which might lead to abandoning the sale.

Could you guys please disable the compulsory completion of the address lines in this purpose?

2. Could you please default [Country] to the store country, seems a little overdone to have US come first. 

Thanks for listening, keep up the good work 😉 


Hi there, 

We are delivering and offering pickup of our local beef ONLY on Fridays. I need a way to let the customers know that we are only delivering and doing pickups on that day, instead of it saying an incorrect delivery time. Any features available with that? 


Hey @AVsupport,


Thanks for getting in touch and providing this feedback 🙂


We're currently working to get more advanced online pickup and delivery options built - I've passed your feedback on to the Online Store team for consideration as we build these features out.


I absolutely agree that it makes sense for orders for Australian businesses to default to Australia rather than the US! This is feedback we've heard and have passed on, and will continue do so as we hear it. Hopefully we'll have more to announce soon!


Hey @312beef,


It sounds like you've set up delivery/pickup times correctly - if you want this messaging to be more obvious, there are a few places you can add it:


- As custom text on the home page of your website

- Within the individual item descriptions


We understand that sometimes customer are not going to read everything - the best you can do here is advertise your pickup/delivery hours in as many places as possible!

Hi @Seamus , 

Thank you for the reply. I can certainly do all that. But, customers are still getting a confirmation email "your order will be delivered ... hours and .. min - ... hours and ... minutes." ( a range). 

Also on confirmation email at the bottom in notes: "DELIVERY BY 4/25-5/1 (date range). 

I guess I'm just wishing that delivery time could be set as a firm time, since we are ONLY delivering farm-fresh goods on Fridays, not on-demand.


Can delivery time be a set date?

Are confirmation emails customizable? 
Can the delivery time be disabled or set to "text only" maybe? 

Just researching ideas to help keep things less confusing for customers on confirmation emails.

Hi @Seamus,

Regarding the function of uncoupling local collection from local delivery - Please can you give me a firm date for when this is going to be developed and delivered?

As it stands my shop is completely unusable because I am forced to offer customer collection when this is not possible.

I missed out on the Easter delivery market because of this.

I understand not all enhancements are possible and I'd like to stick with Square as a single solution for my payments, but I am forced to diverge this time to a shop that can already do this.

Saying "we hear you" and "its coming" is actually worse than saying "we're not doing it" because its misleading.

Please can you say one way or another if it's coming and when?

I appreciate you're help and feedback.



Hey @312beef,


My honest answer to these questions is that I don't actually know - though I can tell you that the Online Store team are working to build out more sophisticated options for pickup and delivery at the moment.


It sounds like you'd benefit from chatting with a dedicated Online Store support agent here, who will be able to look into how your site is set up specifically. 


Square Online Store is built and managed by Weebly, and they also manage technical support for Online Store. They'll also be able to look into how your Online Store is actually set up, which is something we're not able to do from here. You can view their support center and request help via this link, and check out their online community here.


Sorry I couldn't be of more help here! 


Hey @BrewMountains,


I appreciate that the ability to de-couple pickup and delivery is essential with how you're running your web store at the moment.


I spoke to some of the team developing Square Online Store in the USA this morning, and raised this feature in particular based on your feedback. The best I can do here is assure you that the team is actively working on this feature as a top priority, and understand it's something in high demand from many of our sellers.


We're not setting a release date because we're going to launch it as soon as it's completed, works, and doesn't have any unintended consequences with other areas of Online Store. I'm personally hoping this won't take more than a couple of weeks, but the reality of software development is that it takes time, resources, engineering, testing, fixing bugs etc, before a new feature becomes ready to launch for users. Sometimes unexpected issues pop up that mean feature development can take longer than first anticipated, which is why we're not setting a release date.


Until a few weeks ago Online Store didn't have any curbside pickup or delivery options - our team worked on rolling these out as quickly as possible to have them available ASAP, and are now working to improve and enhance them as quickly as they can. I know this isn't the answer you're looking for, but hopefully it provides more insight into the situation as it stands right now!



@312beef have you tried changing your Shop Open Hours in Square to Fridays only..and if you choose pickup/delivery: next business day it should get you to your friday perhaps? (untested suggestion)

@AVsupport good idea- I will try this. May or may not working- we are accepting orders Sat-Wednesday (gives us time to compile orders and beforehand, get inventory done) and then delivery on Fridays.


@BrewMountains we are currently using a google forms workaround until the square online store is ironed out. Google forms doesn’t collect payment. Wufoo is something I’ve used for years in another business, and that may also work for you and accept payment in their paid plan (about $30 a month I think).

@Seamus thanks for the referral to weebly support. I will reach out.


Hey @BrewMountains,


You should be able to switch pickup off and delivery on now! Thanks for your patience.

@Seamus   Thanks Seamus, this is a great step forward.  Thank you so much for pushing this with the Dev team for me.



No worries @BrewMountains, happy to help!