Square Online Store release notes - June 2020

New Square Online Store features to help give you more control of your business.

Charge distance-based delivery fees

Now you can designate multiple delivery zones and assign specific delivery fees based on the distance from any of your business locations. You can even create rules to waive the fee if an order is over a certain amount or set a fallback fee for orders outside your parametres.


Edit your delivery settings to adjust your fees. Make sure your location has the Accept delivery orders toggle enabled, and then click Edit location to adjust your delivery fees. To use the distance-based fee option, choose Radius rather than Postal Code for your Delivery area, and then under Delivery fee, choose Distance-based fees. You can set up multiple distance-based rules using the Add fee option.



Highlight your most popular menu items

Make it easy for new customers to find your best-selling items by adding the Most Popular category to your Order Online page. Square Online Store uses your sales data to determine which items you sell the best and then automatically populates the category page with those items.


In the site editor, navigate to your Order Online page and select your Item List. From there you'll see an option to Arrange & add items, which is where you can enable the Most Popular section (as well as the previously-released Recent order section).



Simplified externally-hosted domain connection

It’s now easier than ever to connect your custom domain to Square Online Store. Now connect your GoDaddy or Google domain in just a few clicks without the need to manually edit your DNS settings.


To update your domain connection, go to your Online Store dashboard and navigate to Site Settings under Website. Click Customize to update your site address and connect a new external domain. The automatic domain connection feature currently works with GoDaddy and Google domains, and we are working to integrate with additional domain hosts to make connecting your external domain as simple as possible.




New image controls

With our improved image editing tool, you can now zoom, straighten, and rotate features. On banner and background images, you can control text visibility, set a focal point for better mobile rendering, and access new banner layouts.





We are excited to bring you these updates and hope you enjoy them. We’re committed to building a great experience for you and your customers, and look forward to introducing many more features and enhancements in the future.

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Square Online Store release notes - June 2020