Square Point of Sale: Signature-Free Checkout
Square Point of Sale: Signature-Free Checkout

As card providers no longer require signatures for tap, insert or swipe payments, we are automatically disabling signature collection starting March 15th 2021 for those of you who are collecting signatures on a device. Signatures are not essential to win chargebacks, and not collecting signatures will not affect your processing rates.


Why are we making this update?

We want to make the Square checkout experience even faster and safer — and still just as secure — for you and your customers. 


Merchants who are collecting tips or signatures on paper receipt (auth slip) will not be affected.


Does this mean I cannot collect signatures going forward?

We understand that some of our sellers still want to collect signatures during checkout.


It’s easy to re-enable signature collection. In your Square Point of Sale app, tap Settings > Checkout > Signature & Receipt. Toggle Collect Signatures on.


Signature Free Checkout.gif


Thank you for being part of the Seller Community!