Square Point of Sale Update: Welcome to Signature Free Checkout!

We are so excited to offer you a new way to speed up checkout at your business.


With the Square Point of Sale app you now have the option to no longer collect signatures on card payments.

Checkout will now be as simple as having your customer pay with their card, add a tip and then receive their receipt. No signature screen will be presented, and there is no need for them to sign.


Why did this change?

You may have heard that credit card brands are no longer requiring signatures for transactions. This is made possible by improved security/authorization solutions in the credit card processing world, such as chip-enabled cards and EMV card readers.


Since these requirements have changed, we wanted to make the Square checkout experience even faster — and still just as secure — for you and your customers.


How does this work?

Want to stop collecting signatures for payments? You now have two options. You can either never collect signatures or collect signatures only for payments over $25. If you would like to continue collecting signatures for all of your payments, you always have that option too.


To adjust your signature settings in the Square Point of Sale app on your device:

  1. Tap the following icon in the navigation bar:
  2. Tap Settings > Signature & Receipt.
  3. Select whether you’d like to Never Collect Signatures or Always Collect Signatures, or only Collect Signature Over $25.

If you ever want to change your signature preferences on your device, simply return to Settings in the app and select which option works best for you.


You can read more about how to disable signatures for Square app payments on our Support Center and if you are curious in learning more about Signature Free Checkout in general, see our recent blog post.


I wanted to thank you all so much for being part of the Seller Community! Let me know what you think in the comments, especially if you have an questions or feedback!


Does this mean that Square will indemnify me from chargebacks if my customers dispute a charge? Up to what amount?

I am wondering the same thing. My friends said they keep signatures on for added security in case of charge back. Is it really added security? 

Super Seller

Love this, it has improved checkout speed already in the few weeks we've been using it and is so much more convenient.  

Another option to require a signature when a mag stripe card is used would be appreciated. There are still non EVM chip cards in use. On chargebacks, credit card companies want to see a signature when a non EVM chip card is used. 


Great suggestion @lpgoakland


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, and if we add signature requirement criteria and add the options around card type we'll definitely announce it. 



Beta Member

One thing that I am curious about is whether customers tend to leave fewer tips when a signature is not required.


Has Square done any analysis of signature requirements and tips frequency and amount?


Using ApplePay would be an example where signatures have never been required. How do tips correlate with ApplePay?


Hi @CameraRepairs and @cutenkitschy - Thanks for these questions - super important to cover!


The signature-free checkout release actually doesn’t change anything about the chargebacks process, though I can see how you might think it does. Credit card brands (Visa, Mastercard, etc) now recognize that signatures aren’t a great way to verify identity. That, in combination with the enhanced security that chip cards offer, are what precipitated this change. We also know that many seller are looking for ways to speed up the checkout process, and this is one way to speed things up while staying secure.


To be totally clear about Square’s chargeback policy: the existing policy will continue to apply.


As far as ways to protect your business against disputes, we recommend a host of measures to put into place to help prevent them. You can learn more about those recommendations here.


In addition, depending on how your business operates, you may want to look into our Build a Contract feature as a resource for building thorough contracts. This will offer you more protection than a signed receipt since you stipulate terms. Here’s some more information about the difference between signed receipts and signed contracts.


I know this is a lot of info and a lot of links - I wanted to make sure you have what you need to fully understand the ins and outs of our chargebacks policy and why this change was made available. Let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything else I can help clarify!

Hi @katieand  Can you tell me about how many square customers have decided to stop collecting signatures on receipts?  Also, is there an option to request zip code for extra verification, similar to how a credit card transaction is conducted at a gas station?




Would like to follow on with this question. We are also interested in square customers who have turned off signatures for all transactions. Is the option in the works to pick your own requirement for signatures? In reading some of the other threads it looks like that suggestion has been brought up in the past-a year ago-wondering if anything has changed.  


Hello @roseH1 and hello @nodrogarms!


I'm afraid I can't say how many people aren't collecting signatures with Square, but from my own experience I've noticed a lot more stores aren't requesting signatures anymore, especially for small payment amounts.


There isn't a way to request a zip code instead. When you pay at the pump at a gas station they typically pre-authorize the card for a set amount which is automatically adjusted (usually takes a few days) for the actual the amount spent. Pre-authorization isn't available with Squrae yet but as you've noticed that's a request we've heard from a lot of sellers! 


So I can share your feedback with the team, what other requirements would you like to pick @nodrogarms? 

Super Seller

We switched over to never requiring signatures and have absolutely loved it, and our customers love it too! Never had an issue before or after the switch

Just want to add my thought about this. We still have signature enabled for every transactions, mainly because of tipping. We found that it's much easier to ask the question: "Could you please sign this?", and the customer can add tips if they want to while the sign. If eliminate the signature all together, then what do you ask when you swivel the screen over to the customer? Would you like to leave a tip? It will be super awkward. That's why I still capture signatures, even though I don't really want to. I admit it will speed up the ordering process as we are a quick service restaurant, but the tips are quite substantial for my employees to give up completely. Just want to know how everyone is utilizing this no signature feature.

Super Seller

100% signature free all year and love it.  10,000+ transactions.

@Wendyct Is there a way to enable signature only for charges over $100.00?


Hello @roseH1, Helen here stepping in for Wendyct. There is not a way to collect signatures only for charges over $100. So I can share your feedback with the team can you let me know how this would help? Thanks in advance! 

@Helen Yes, please do.

Personally I like signing. Since the chip came about I've had fraud on 2 different cards 3 different times. Anyone can take a card nowadays and insert into reader. No one checks names or signatures anymore. 
In any case, I typically take tips and the no sig option doesn't show the tip screen. Every customer was like "wait, I didn't tip you". Of course I say its no big deal but they want to and of course I wouldn't mind. Finally came to this forum and saw that I can change it to ask for a sig always and that's what I did. Glad the option is there. 

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