Square Point of Sale has a new look
Square Point of Sale has a new look

Hey Sellers,

Over the last 6 months, our teams have been hard at work testing the new looks and features in the Square Point of Sale app. We’re excited to announce that the new design is now live!


Thanks to feedback from our Sellers testing across the globe, Square Point of Sale is now better than ever. The user interface that you’ve come to know over the years has gone through a few key changes to make your day-to-day business easier to manage. We’ve been hard at work to design a system that adapts to your business’ needs, your goals and your schedule - not the other way around. With added features throughout the redesigned checkout and navigation flows, you’ll be able to accomplish more each day and watch your business grow.


The Square app has been transformed to simplify the way you interact with your point of sale. 


  • No more scrolling through the library to find items - Favourites item grid has been brought to all mobile phone and Square Terminal devices, letting you organise items with icons and images so you can find what you need fast. Easily set up items, variations and categories to customise your point of sale, across devices.
  • New navigation bar - Simple tabs along the bottom make the app easy to navigate. Non-checkout items are nicely tucked away under “More” - keeping your balances, reports, and additional options away from checkout to allow you to operate smoothly and efficiently. Coming soon, you’ll be able to customise which applets appear in your primary navigation bar, and which are housed under “More”.
  • Faster checkout - Seamlessly switch between Keypad, Item Library and Favourites tabs for quicker sales, now at the top of your screen (left side of your screen for Square Register).
  • See orders upfront - Access Order Manager from your main navigation bar and stay ahead of the rush. If you’re not using this tool, it will be placed out of your way under the“More” tab. 
  • Open Tickets, no problem - They are easy to find right from your main checkout screen, so even closing time is under control. 


Note: These changes are rolling out gradually across all device types, starting with iOS and Android devices, and followed by Square Terminal and Square Register. If you’d like to opt-in to the new design early on any device, or revert back to the old design for a limited time, you can do so in “Settings” -> “Checkout”.  


Learn more about the resigned Square Point of Sale app in our Support Centre and let us know how to improve our support content by writing a reply to this post.

Square Beta would like to thank all the testers who gave valuable feedback throughout this process. Over 296,000 Global Sellers helped to test the newest features in Square Point of Sale. You’ve provided time, feedback, answered surveys and more to help us make the Square Point of Sale app the best choice for your business. We could not be more grateful for your help, and with the information we’ve gathered throughout this test, we are in a great position to continue to customise Square Point of Sale so it fits businesses of all shapes and sizes.


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