Square for Retail: Create and Manage Purchase Orders on Square Register

Building off the purchase order management functionalities already available on Square Dashboard and within the Square for Retail app on iOS devices, Square Register will now host an all-in-one purchase order management experience from the Square for Retail app. This functionality is available to Square for Retail plus subscribers only. 


You will save time and limit process inefficiencies by no longer needing to toggle between devices to utilize all purchase order capabilities. With this new feature you can completely manage Purchase Orders (POs) using Square for Retail on Square Register, and remain in-store and on the floor to support inventory management needs


How to Create a Purchase Order on Square Register


Within Square Register, navigate to the Inventory tab and select Purchase Orders. From here, you will be able to complete end-to-end PO management actions, notably:

  1. To create a new purchase order
    • Save as draft
    • Edit draft
  2. To create and edit a new vendor within the purchase order flow
  3. To create and edit a new item within the new purchase order
  4. To send an email copy to the vendor


Enjoy easy and seamless purchase order creation and management in one place.


For a detailed walkthrough of how to create and manage purchase orders on Square Register, visit our Support Centre. 

To try out Square for Retail Plus features for free, get started here.

️ Helen
Seller Community Manager

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