In the News: What’s your experience with Generative AI?



Hey Newsies,


Today we’re looking at small business use of generative AI, with an article from Smart Company reporting that many are dealing with issues in using it. I’d love to hear your experiences on whether or not you’ve been incorporating AI into your business.


Smart Company: 69% of small businesses report issues with generative AI 


Generative AI, including tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E, leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to create new content based on prompts and information that you provide. 


As the title notes, the article references a study by Xero which showed that 69% of small businesses report having some issues in using generative AI, which is split between dealing with its inaccuracies, lower employee morale as well as a drop in workforce as a result of its use, and decreased efficiency in having to review content created. The article also notes that there is a potential privacy risk in trusting AI with sensitive data and information, and that it’s important to use it with caution. It’s a good reminder to limit what you input to only things that you would make public on the internet. 




While the big AI boom happened after I no longer had my shop, I can absolutely see the pros and cons of using it in a small business. It could theoretically be a big help in creating content and ideas for those with few or no employees, or those who might not have the time or more advanced knowledge. Even if some moderation and review might be needed, it could still save time depending on what’s being created. I would absolutely be wary of putting in any sensitive or private information, but there can be a lot of applications and uses that don’t hold any risk. It could be great for brainstorming ideas for marketing & social media campaigns, and new product ideas. 


What’s your perspective:

  • What have been your experiences in using generative AI in your business?
  • What kinds of projects have you used it for, and how did it go?


Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!



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Hi Pesso,


Other than doing research or simply asking business related questions - using AI sites like ChatGPT works great.  I haven't used it for any projects per say but, looking for answers for basic business concerns has been useful.  For example:  "What are some tips for marketing my business online ?"   (A common question for sure.)   The response is pretty thorough.   Or "What steps do I need to complete to form an LLC ?"  - Be advised, you get details however, you need to consider your State's rules and regulations also, this is where good solid legal advice comes into play - after all, it's your future - plan well.    Just my thoughts of course.



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Thanks so much, @JK_Fiber_Art !


Can you share any examples of things that they've recommended that you've used?


Very good call out about not fully trusting them -- they're definitely known for "hallucinations" or sending not fully correct facts, so definitely good to take things with a grain of salt and double check.

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Sure ....


Below is an example of an AI response to marketing for promoting your "Art Work".


Promoting your artwork effectively requires a combination of online and offline strategies.  Here are some steps to help you get started:


* Build an Online Presence:

- Create a Website or Portfolio: Build a professional website or use portfolio platforms like Behance, Dribbble, or DeviantArt to showcase your artwork in an organized and visually appealing manner.
- Social Media: Utilize platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to share your artwork regularly. Use relevant hashtags and engage with your followers.
- Blogging: Start a blog on your website or platforms like Medium. Share insights about your artistic process, inspirations, and art-related topics.


* High-Quality Imagery:
- Ensure your artwork photographs are of high quality. Good lighting and proper framing are essential.
- Showcase your artwork from multiple angles and include close-up shots to highlight details.


* Networking:
- Connect with fellow artists, art enthusiasts, and potential buyers through social media, forums, and art events.
- Attend art exhibitions, workshops, and conferences to meet people in the art industry.


* Collaborations:
- Collaborate with other artists or creators to cross-promote each other's work and reach a wider audience.


* Email Marketing:
- Build an email list of interested followers. Send out regular newsletters with updates about your latest artwork, exhibitions, and behind-the-scenes content.


* Art Contests and Exhibitions:
- Participate in local and online art contests and exhibitions to gain exposure and credibility.


* Online Marketplaces:
- Sell your artwork on online platforms like Etsy, eBay, or Artfinder. These platforms have established audiences looking for unique artwork.


* Art Shows and Galleries:
- Submit your work to local galleries or art shows. Participating in exhibitions can help you connect with art enthusiasts and potential buyers.


* Influencer Outreach:
- Collaborate with influencers in the art or creative niche who have a substantial following. They can help showcase your work to a wider audience.


* SEO and Keywords:
- Optimize your website and social media profiles for search engines. Use relevant keywords to help people find your artwork online.


* Storytelling:
- Share the stories behind your artwork. People often connect more deeply with art when they understand the artist's motivations and inspirations.


* Consistency is Key:
- Be consistent with your posting schedule on social media and other platforms. Regular updates keep your audience engaged.


* Paid Advertising:
- Consider using targeted social media advertising to reach a specific audience interested in art.

Remember that promoting your artwork takes time and effort. Don't get discouraged by slow progress, and continue refining your strategies based on what works best for your unique style and audience.



Bottom line - what works for some may not work for others.   Avoid paid advertising - why spend money if you don't have to.   Build your "online presence" - get your name out there - the more links the better.   Look for "Local Events" whereas you can display your work - there are expenses to consider but, you will reach more potential customers.  Watch out for email marketing - it can help or destroy you - think SPAM - Do you want unwanted emails - I don't !!   


I could go on but, you should get the message - look at your marketing from a customer's point of view and go from there.




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I love this, @JK_Fiber_Art !


Very good points all around-


Do you remember some AI generated tips that you actually ended up using in your business?

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Hey Pesso,

I haven't directly used AI in any of my business aspects but I have seen other people use it. The people I have talked to who have used AI mainly use it for suggestions. I've seen it make some mistakes with grammar and I'm aware that there are loopholes to get around that but have never tried any of them personally.

Thanks for the great question,
Founder at Rei Technologies

Rei Johnson
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Thanks for sharing @ReiTech !


What's holding you back from using it? Just the grammar issues?

Do you think you might try it? 

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We use AI to assist writing product descriptions. What you "get" from AI really depends on how you prompt it. We are really specific  for what we are asking. And because it learns as it goes.. it does start to pick up the language really well.

So for example, we have been selling on TikTok and we ask AI to create a product description for a set of products that we are creating around a specific theme. We've asked it to write in "witchy" style- making it fun and tongue in cheek. 

Of course we need to read it and make sure what it's coming up with makes sense- it often does 🙂

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I love this use case, @DinaLRosenberg !

It can absolutely take a lot of time & creativity to write so many different descriptions and keep them all different & engaging. And of course double checking it like you do is a perfect way to do it!

So cool!

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Here is a prompt we have recently used: Write a product description for a crystal kit to help with ADHD. Petrified Wood Tumble to help ground and stabilize energy, Crazy Lace Agate to absorb emotional pain, bring mental clarity and lift spirits, Kambaba Jasper to bring peace & tranquility, to calm, relax and protect, and Smoky Quartz to pull excess energy down into the Earth and to promote calm.


Here is what came out:

ntroducing our ADHD Support Crystal Kit – a transformative collection thoughtfully crafted to provide comfort, stability, and tranquility for individuals navigating the challenges of ADHD. This carefully curated kit features four powerful crystals: Petrified Wood Tumble, Crazy Lace Agate, Kambaba Jasper, and Smoky Quartz.

🌿 Petrified Wood Tumble: Grounding and stabilizing, Petrified Wood helps anchor restless energy, fostering a sense of stability and connection to the Earth. For those with ADHD, it assists in finding balance and focus amidst the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions.

🌀 Crazy Lace Agate: Embrace the soothing embrace of Crazy Lace Agate, a crystal renowned for its ability to absorb emotional pain and promote mental clarity. This vibrant stone lifts spirits and encourages a positive outlook, offering a guiding light through the challenges of ADHD.

🌿 Kambaba Jasper: Find solace and serenity with Kambaba Jasper, a stone that resonates with peace and tranquility. Its calming energy is especially valuable for those seeking moments of relaxation and protection from overstimulation.

🌀 Smoky Quartz: Channel excess energy downward and usher in calm with Smoky Quartz. This grounding crystal helps individuals with ADHD maintain focus and clarity while easing restlessness and anxiety.


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Thanks for sharing this example prompt & response, @DinaLRosenberg ! So awesome that it churned out such a great response!

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Square Champion

it is hit and miss- you need to learn HOW to use it and what to use it for.

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My brother in law is a web designer and uses it to replace your typical lorem ipsum placeholder text, often clients end up adopting a good portion of the generated text.


Using photoshops generative fill is awesome for creating  promo images for social media when the original image is not quite right.  Too close/Off Center/Unwanted elements etc.


Ive used chat-gpt  as a partner to brainstorm product names with varying degrees of success.

Bruce Wilson
Owner | Vigneron | Distiller
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That's such a great idea, @lawnbrook ! Thanks for sharing-


Having a good amount of text on a website is essential for SEO and customer peace of mind, but it can be really hard to think of and write it all out. Starting with GenAI is a great way to get there. 


Ooh, very cool about the generative fill in photoshop! 


What product names have you ended up using that came from Chat-GPT?

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My wife uses generative art for inspiration ideas on projects that she is working on or looking to start soon. I think it is a great tool to pull inspiration from and help unleash some creativity. 

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That's so cool, @mpmpmp22 !


Would you be able to share some of the examples of the prompts used, the art generated, and the final products?

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Yes! So I don't have the final pieces yet because they are currently a work in progress, but what I can share is some of the prompts!


She was mainly searching for "disco 70's highlighter plants" for an event she is working on and see the attached image below for some of the work in progress. Currently painting this for an event!IMG_3063.JPG

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This is absolutely incredible, @mpmpmp22 !


So cool that the prompt gave some good inspiration, and the work in progress looks beautiful so far! Can't wait to see the final product, and you're more than welcome to share other examples too!


Thank you so much for sharing!

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I actually use ChatGPT all the time for my social media calendars, SEO keywords for newly added pages to the website, and generate newsletters alongside a campaign that was generated.  When we open up our online store portal I will use it to create a marketing funnel as well.  You do have to double check a few fact to make sure it's current information because it only goes to 2021 (I think) but for the most part it has become an everyday tool for my business.

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Thanks for sharing, @Stacelyn24 !


That's so great that you've been using it so successfully and frequently! Can you share some of the end products that AI helped you in creating?


Very excited to hear how the marketing funnel goes -- definitely keep us updated!

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One thing that it helped me create was a service guide for all our new nail technicians.  Created a few images in Canva...put the booklet together and let Staples print it out...they love it!!!  🙂

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