What do you enjoy about being a business owner vs. employed by a business? 🤔

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Today I'm wondering...


What do you enjoy about being a business owner vs. employed by a business? 🤔




What do you see as the advantages? If you are employed by a business owner, you can discuss what you see as the advantages. 


I can't wait to read your replies!

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I'm the Operations Manager, Coming from an economics background, I will tell the Owner the 100 reasons why an idea will not work. She will tell me the one reason why it WILL work. I believe one has to be open to taking risk in order to be a business owner. I, on the other hand, am extremely risk averse. 


Every company needs a Steve Jobs and a Tim Cook. The Steve Jobs of the company will decide to move into a location that is three times larger than the current one. The Tim Cook of the company will analyze the reports and figure out what products and services to carry in that larger store. 


Every day is a new challenge, a new adventure. Enjoy the process!

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No but in reality I love having the freedom to do things my way and break the rules, it gives the opportunity to do things I couldn't do in any other position!


Being a business owner allows me to control the way I do things and enjoy the things I do, I have plenty of responsibilities but I make my work enjoyable to do and I'm able to give myself a more flexible life and enjoy every single day, because I'm in control and I make the decisions! 

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I worked for a very large hospital system for 23 years. I was let go because they said they didn’t need me anymore. I vowed then and there that I would never work for anybody else for the rest of my career. I have a degree in business management and law, and I love to cook. Therefore, I opened up my own restaurant and it has been so much more than difficult, but I am in control of my future. No one else can control my livelihood anymore. There are still regulatory challenges, staffing challenges, and supply chain issues, but I am overcoming those through my own efforts. It’s been 7 years since I opened my restaurant and have never, ever looked back.

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After having worked in Fortune 500 company to small business owned by someone else, I finally reap the rewards of my hard work instead of someone else reaping it.  I am a problem solver and adaptable, so when a problem comes my way, I can decide what to do.  Plus, my passion shows in my business, which is contagious to the customers who buy from me.  I love what I do and highly recommend do something you love!

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What I love most about owning my own business is how it showed me the Value in everything.

Not every place has the greatest work environments, or co workers or management. Some people go into to work and get things done, others go just to show up. Big difference between the two. 

Finding the Value of myself, and the value of my time are probably the two things that I love the most about it.  

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very well said. the value found in self!!! i'm 10x's more confident in what will happen if I apply myself to a task or venture now, cause i know how hard I'm willing to push myself to get things done.  i never felt that kind of motivation as an employee. you couldn't pay me over time to keep me around. 

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Owner: Responsibility to care for the community and our employees.

Employee: preform of my duty to achieve my employer expectations.

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Boutique nail salon. Watched previous owners bend corners and sacrifice quality for profit. Seeing them put customer health at risk and neglect safety protocols. Tired of wasted time and effort and working every weekend for little profit for somebody else. We wanted to be more customer centric, more technology driven, have medical grade safety measures in place, and not run customers through the line like cattle. After three years, we are still the highest rated nail salon in our region on Google. We get to take time off work whenever we want to spend more time with family while making a good living. It is more work but it is a pride and joy, seeing customers happy as they come in and enjoy each moment. One million times better than working for somebody else.

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The freedom is nice. But there was MUCH less stress being an employee.

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After spending many years working for someone else, the best part of being my own boss is being able to learn new skills and utilize the skills I've developed over the years. I had many past employers who only wanted their employees to do one thing, and had no trust in anyone stepping outside of the box they created for them. Starting and running my own business allowed me to stretch my limitations and prove to myself (and them) that I am capable of so much more than anyone expected from me. Proving the past doubters wrong is great motivation for success LOL.

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I have been self-employed for a very long time now. I think the thing I like the most is that I am the one that reaps the rewards for my hard work instead of just getting paid a wage. There’s definitely risk and guarantee of a paycheck every week but I enjoy what I do and can’t picture myself ever going to work for someone else

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After spending 15 years in law enforcement I decided to hang it up and start a business. What I enjoy is the flexibility to decide when my business is open, and how I operate. I do not miss shift work, night shifts, missed holidays, missed family time ect. Now I have the power and control to provide services, and through hard work and customer satisfaction, provide for my family. Gone are the days of being under appreciated and not recognized by management. I tell my employees when they do good, and provide corrective recommendations to them when needed, but in a constructive way. Starting a business is scary, but if you make the jump and fill a serious need in your community, you can reap the rewards! Good luck!😁🔥

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I wouldn't know.  Always ran my business, never been employed, and never will be an employee.

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Freedom! but it comes with a price! not knowing if you are going to make money is more worrisome some times. Being able to screw off whenever you want and know that you cannot be fired! I do bathtub resurfacing and make a mint so I can afford to reschedule jobs as needed\. plan vacations at a shorter notice. Less work more pay. well more work more pay lol it was a ton of work getting running but now its auto pilot. You get a groove eventually. Benefits packages is a bummer to deal with, gets pricey since its not coming from someone else LOL. ups and downs but the freedom  will make you never want to work for someone again!

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Having purpose in a hierarchy!  The ability to have that control and know that you are accountable to yourself and those you choose to be accountable to.  Ultimately for all of us, we are accountable to our customers, but we control that destiny.  In a world of unpredictables, I don't mind counting on myself.




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YES!!! @ I don't mind counting on myself.


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I enjoy the freedom. For example just me being sick and having to call in feels different.  There's not as much pressure and I can call my staff and have my clients rescheduled.. if I was working for another business I have to worry more about having a job to come back to when I'm feeling better. I may have challenges as a business owner but it's worth it. Freedom. 

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lol you're in so good with the owner. i HIGHLY doubt she'd fire you. it works out great.

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I enjoy the freedom and the ability to make sure my Team is taking care of. Often the owner is viewed as the taker and I work daily to be viewed as the giver, when they have what they need the energy is better and we can support one another, even when times are hard

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