Can you create your own barcodes in excel and use them with the free version of square register?

Can you create your own barcodes in excel and use them with the free version of square register?  I am wanting to upgrade to the square stand with ipad, hub,  receipt printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer, but only if I can use barcodes 

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the free version of the register will scan barcodes as long as you have the scanner gun. You cannot print labels from the free version so you'd have to make the code, create the barcode in a barcode maker online and then print the barcodes using some type of printing software (DYMO)- there are also companies where you can buy barcodes/UPC codes - but honestly that seems like a lot of extra steps instead of purchasing square for retail which has so many amazing small biz reports I can't imagine being without it.

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Thank you for the help.   Since we are just getting started and are mainly online except for a few bigger shows from August to December is not really cost effective for me to pay for retail at this time, but it will be something we look into later.

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I understand

before we finally upgraded to retail I literally was creating a spreadsheet that had different code rules based upon what the inventory was...  didn't get very far.

Using an online code generator is likely your best bet.

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