Check out my store thread

I'd like to see photos and videos of cool Square setups.


Here's mine...

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Re: Check out my store thread

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@sciabica1936 - Love the tour! Thanks for sharing. We know who to ask for video advice now. 😉


At Square, we like to test out our software before it makes it in the hands of our sellers. Our coffee bar serves as our hub for testing, but also as our source of energy to keep building things for y'all. I put together a little video tour (excuse my video skills). Check it out:




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Re: Check out my store thread



I just got my contactless/chip readers set up.  I wish the USB cord would come out of the bottom, like the square stand.  I would drill a hole in my counter for a wire-free look.



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Re: Check out my store thread

Love this video from @sciabica1936 - anyone else have cool videos or photos of their stores to share? 😀

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Re: Check out my store thread

Where did you get the little Apple pay pad under your reader? 

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Re: Check out my store thread

It comes with the Dock for the reader I believe: https://squareup.com/dock


I ordered the Square Stand with the Chip Reader and the Dock, so I can be sure which one it came with, but I assume it comes with the Dock.  @Kpay can you confirm?

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Re: Check out my store thread

@martik9 @sciabica1936, great question! I believe the mat in the picture came with this bundle of the Square Stand, Contactless Reader and Dock which is available at the Square shop. 


Our Apple Pay Marketing Kit also includes a mat for the reader (slightly different design from the one pictured here, but still good!), and you can order the kit for free from your dashboard: https://squareup.com/dashboard/account/apple-pay-marketing-kit 


Once your kit arrives, you can set up the kit materials, then share a picture with us via your Dashboard to receive $350 in processing credit for Apple Pay payments. 👍




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