Combo meal doesn’t remove items from both inventory

I am trying to figure out an inventory issue. Say you offer a burger combo with fries and a drink. The burger, the fries, and the drink are inventoried items. When setting the item up I can’t figure out how to make the second two items come out of inventory. I create a burger and add fries and soft drink choices as modifiers or variations but when you choose a coke it doesn’t come out of coke inventory. 

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@allen1177 Currently modifier sales are not able to be calculated as an inventory item in square.  The best way to look at it is each item or each variation can have an inventory value.  So you can do this in a couple of different ways.  I personally just run a modifier sales report if I want to rough look at how much I am selling.


1.  Set up a burger item, fry item, bottle drink coke item.  Then set up a combo discount if you want to make it a special deal that will apply an amount discount like .50.  You have to ring in each item and hit the discount (more tedious) but this allows you track the inventory of each item.


2.  Set up an item with sandwich only variation, then with fries variation, and then combo with each drink you offer.  While this may take a little time to set up you can effectively count inventory a little more detailed.  The caveat is that a burger and a burger with fries are 2 different inventory tracks.


If you are monitoring inventory because you need to be able to mark items sold out online then option 1 really is the best way to go.  If you want to track if someone is stealing a bottle of coke, then you can run the modifier sales report and use it with the following formula: (Beginning Inventory + Purchases) - (individual sales + modifier sales) = Ending Inventory.


I hope this helps or at least gives you some insight to figure out what level of reporting you really need.  I try not to get bogged down into getting too detailed.  I treat all my fountain sales as 1 item and all my bottles as 1 item for inventory purposes as the cost is the same whether they buy a coke or sprite.



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