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We are looking for a way to track/manage customer orders as they come in. We do a lot of custom orders, so we need something that will allow us to enter what they ordered and when it needs to be done. Is there a way to do that through Square? 

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Not Directly but it can be done.


If your custom orders have set options for color, size, add-ons you can add all of these in as items, if you want to track inventory, or modifiers if you don't.  Then it is as simple as clicking on all the option.  Each option can have a price or no price.  If your customization is unique to each customer you can have an item custom and when you ring it click on it and enter the custom notes.


This would work for the due date too.  Enter an item called due date at $0. and during the sale add the date to the item.   All of this will show up on the ticket.


Note that there will be no way to easily go back or sort what is due in Square you will have to print and keep a copy of the receipt.


In the customer management section, you can create a custom field called due date.  When you ring the sale the date would be entered as an edit to the customer information and does not directly link to the sale.  But by doing this you can track what is due to customer management on the dashboard.  You will just have to remove the date from the customer info when done.


You may also check out one of the 3rd party apps.  

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Hi @2poshpineapples


I hope the great response from @RHatch helped, as those are the best workarounds that I would recommend as well 👍🏼


Let us know if this helps or if you came up with a different solution for this. 

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About 90% of our sales volume is a custom order . We are using invoices to create the order with a payment schedule of 50% down and 50% due on completion. However, we then have to add all of the order information onto a manual spreadsheet where we manage the queue of orders and their progress as it moves through our surfboard manufacturing shop. Is there an app or a way for us to connect our Square orders to something that lets us do full customer order management?

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@andicummings We currently do not have anything built out for that in our system. We do offer a ton of App Partners that may offer ordering solutions that work for you. I did a brief check on what we offer and while most of them are geared toward restaurant/food ordering, I saw two that may fit your needs. PoppinPay and Jellyfish seemed to fit best, but I encourage you to check out our apps yourself in case these two don't work.

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