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Customer Reluctance to use Self Serve

After a problematical start last year, we have tried to re-introduce Self Serve ordering since we have staff shortages due to them having to isolate. We are getting some resistance, exasperation and bad feeling from customers when they try to checkout. Those who use ApplePay or GooglePay have no problems but a manually entered credit card is tortuous.


I appreciate that, for high value transactions, asking for the five pieces of data: card number; expiry date, CVV number. cardholder's name and postcode is warranted but when buying a cup of coffee and a breakfast, the total charge is less than GBP10. With in-person payment, a contactless card can be waved over the square reader in seconds but self-serve payment takes ages.


What makes this worse is that other restaurants such as Nando's, McDonalds or Wetherspoons have easy card payment so we compare unfavorably.


So, my question is: What can we do to improve the customer experience and reduce frustration?


Other frustrations include the as yet unimplemented feature request for a notes box at checkout for the hungry customer to put: 'crispy bacon' or 'eggs over-easy'. Another untidy feature is that the acknowledgment email says "Thank you for your order!" .. "Your order will be ready for pickup". How confusing when our covering instructions says we will bring the food to your table. Just sloppy implementation of in-house self-serve ordering.


One suggestion that I might make is to split ordering away from payment with the not-quite-ready open tickets for self serve. The customer could order from their phone and then pay in person using the Square Card Reader with no fuss. Just a message at final checkout: "Would you like to pay by contactless card at the counter" or something similar would do the trick and close the ticket.


Please advise how we can improve our customers' view of the checkout journey.



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