Do percent discounts on items stack

I want to set up automatic discounts for bulk pricing, so it would be triggered by quantity. To help understand, let me provide some context. This is for an as you wait printing business, so quantities can get quite high-- up into the 100's and 1000's. I have around 9-10 bulk discounts planned. If they get 1-50 copies it is .18 cents. 51 - 100 is .17 cents. 101 - 250 is .15 cents and so on. The quantity discount allows for setting a minimum quantity, but not a maximum quantity. So I set up bulk discount 1 that is if it is over 51 it is now 6% off (goes from .18 -> .17) and Bulk discount 2 is quantity over 101 is 11% off (.18 -> .16). BUT if the quantity is 125 I want to make sure that only discount 2 would trigger and not discount 1. Since the quantity is over both 51 and 101, would they both trigger? Would only the higher one trigger?

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Is this something you would like to see in the standard Point of Sale or the Online Store? 


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