Event time issue - Time Zones

Our business is located on the East Coast and our events are located on the West Coast.  Even though they are designated by an address and zip code, the events appear as EST to our West Coast patrons, causing a difference of 3 hours.  I've temporarily adjusted the time zones of our business so that we don't confuse folks hoping to buy tickets to the event, but can you tell me if there is a fix for this little bug?  I haven't found anything in the forum about it, but I could just be missing something obvious.  Thank you.

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Re: Event time issue - Time Zones

Hi there. 


Unfortunately the business hours and time zone settings of your Square account determine what time zone appears in your Online Store. 


What you can do is create an additional location for your west coast events and create an Online Store under that location specifically. 


This would allow you to keep the correct time zones for you actual business location and your west coast events Online Store. 

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Re: Event time issue - Time Zones

Hi there.  Thanks for your reponse.  


At the time that I listed the events, the time zone was set to the West Coast and it didn't change anything.  I have since spoken to someone in support at Square and was informed that it is linked to the time zone of the posting IP address and the only solution is to set the event to include the time change.  I'm willing to give your idea a shot as well.


Thanks again.

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Re: Event time issue - Time Zones

I'm curious what solution you found to this. We are located in California, but occasionally travel to New York and see clients there. I've started scheduling appointments in NYC but am now realizing the east coast clients think they are booking 3 hours earlier! Would love to know how you've managed around this. Thanks!!

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Re: Event time issue - Time Zones

It's a workaround more than a solution, unfortunately.  I set the events based on East Coast time and account for the time difference.  So the reverse would be true.  If you had an 8 am appointment slot in New York, you'd set it for 5am in California.  I hope that makes sense!

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Re: Event time issue - Time Zones

Yes it does make sense. Thanks so much for responding. It's a little tedious, but it'll work for now! Hopefully they can design something to cater to those of us working on both coasts :) Thanks again!

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