Gift card reuse statistics?

I'm currently using a paper gift card with spreasheet for tracking. I want to use Square gift cards, but most of my customers want to buy $5 cards and the best price I can get is $1/card from Square which is 20% not including the card transaction fee. That's a bit steep for me. But if cards are reused, that helps a bit of the pain. Anyone have any stats on their own card reuse? Thanks!

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Re: Gift card reuse statistics?

I don't have huge statistics as we just started using Square gift cards last season.  One thing to note is that when a card is emptied the customer leaves it as it has no value and now it can be loaded again, so it's not just reloading for the same customer but it's reloading all cards that you have.  I have reused (or have in my possesion to reissue) a dozen out of the 30 I used last year, the other 18 are still cards with balances, so in this case, I have a 100% reusability on the cards.  Sure some people may never bring the card back but then you are also keeping the balance that is on that card so it should be a net gain.

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Re: Gift card reuse statistics?

Hey @mysticcoffee, welcome and thanks for surfacing this.


We don't have additional gift card reporting available that would include a way to track how much they cost to use. I can certainly see how this would help you make more informed decisions for your business so I'll be forwarding your post to our Product Liaison team.


For now, hopefully @VanKalkerFarms's insight helps. Appreciate your patience, and please let us know if anything else comes up. 🙂

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