Gratuity based on pre-discounted total

Hey all:


We are a bar that utilizes Square for our transactions. We have various percentage-based discounts (happy hour, industry, etc); however, we would like to list the gratuity choices as a percentage of the pre-discounted amount. For example, if the original bill is $100 and a 50% happy hour discount is applied: Square currently lists the 20% option as $10 (20% of 50) instead of $20. Does anyone know if it's possible to modify these final gratuity values to reflect the prediscounted total? Thank you!

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Re: Gratuity based on pre-discounted total

Hi there. 


Unfortunately both smart tips and tip percentages are calculated based on the total sale amount that you'll be charging your customer, not the price of the items or services rendered. 


I'll gladly pass this feedback over to our Product Team, and if we decide to make a change around this we'll be sure to announce it. 


There might be a work-around that one of your fellow Square Sellers currently use, so hopefully they can chime in and help out. 

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