How To Force Item Details

I would like to be able to force the details pop up for an item when it is being selected from the home screen.  The only way you can get this to pop up now is if there are any variations or modifiers tied to the item.  


I am using a category full of $0 items to help us get custom donut orders on the ticket.  So basically we select a 6 or 12 pack of donuts that has the price value.  Then we have all the topping options loaded into a category full of $0 items.   However, most of the time we need to select a qty for these besides just 1.  Right now you have to add it and then click on the item on the right list to update the qty.


The only "hack" I have found for this is to add a bogus modifier or variation to force it to pop up, but having a built in option for this would be much better!

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Re: How To Force Item Details

Hey @CraftDonuts thanks so much for posting and sharing your feature request. The best workaround I can offer for this would be to include some of your description in the item title so you can have an idea what you are selecting, or changing the titles of some variations so you can narrow down your search better.


Regardless, I have flagged your request to our Development Team as I do understand the importance of it. Thanks again for surfacing!

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Re: How To Force Item Details

I don't really follow your suggestion in my case.  I want to force the item details every time I select an item so that I can select the quantity every time I tap on an item from the checkout page.  We sell donuts in 6 and 12 packs and most of the time people want 2-4 different flavors in these boxes so I usually have more than just 1 donut of each flavor in a pack.




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Re: How To Force Item Details

Thanks for clarifying. Having each donut flavor as a modifier will allow you to add 6-12 items as needed and will show at the same time of choosing your item (the 12 pack, for example), but if you want to track the inventory of each donut, then you will need to add each item separately and include the item description in the title.


I can provide a screenshot if necessary. Thank you!

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