How can I add a gift card to an invoice?

I purchased gift cards to use and mail to people who purchase one. I do payment through invoices and rarely do sales using my phone/card reader. I've figured out how to activate a gift card with doing an in person sale but I'm having trouble figuring out how to apply a gift card to an invoice. I'm hoping there's a way because I have a lot of out of state customers who would like the option to use a gift card and receive it with their order in the mail.

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Re: How can I add a gift card to an invoice?

Hi there, 


At this time, you can’t use a Square Seller's gift card to pay a Square Invoice.


This is a pretty popular request, and we’re working to improve invoices based on feedback from our customers, so I’ll be sharing this request with our product team.


As a workaround, you can apply the balance of the gift card to the outstanding invoice by applying a discount, or by resending a new invoice to your customer all together. 

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