How can I mark a Square Invoice as paid?

Is there a way to mark an invoice paid if customer paid via other method than Square?

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You're able to mark an invoice as paid without duplicating the payment from Dashboard. For the future, select the invoice > and from the details page, click Add Payment. > Record Payment > Square Point of Sale.


If your customer wants to pay their invoice in person, you can accept payment right through your Square Point of Sale by selecting the invoice > Add Payment > Complete Checkout


Here's a screenshot: 


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This reply was updated in 2020.

Hi @gingerfisher! There are two ways to record payment for a Square Invoice - from the app or from your online Square Dashboard. I'll outline the steps for both below.


Record a payment from your Square App

You can mark an invoice as paid if your clients have already provided a different form of payment. From the Square Invoices or Square Point of Sale app:


1. Tap Invoices from the navigation menu.
2. Select the invoice in question > Add Payment.
3. Select the amount and tap > Next
4. Select the payment type used. Tap Cash or More for other options.


You can also complete invoices right through your Square Point of Sale app.


Record a payment from your Square Dashboard

You can mark an invoice as paid if your client has already provided a different form of payment. From the online Square Dashboard:


1. Navigate to your online Square Dashboard and select an invoice.
2. Click Add Payment.
3. Select Record Payment and then select the payment type. If you processed your client’s payment with the Square app or Virtual Terminal, select "Square Point of Sale" to prevent duplicate reporting. Keep in mind, these will not appear as Invoice transactions in sales reports.
4. Click Confirm.


I hope this helps. Please reply below to let me know if you have any other questions.

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Do you know how to "unmark" an invoice as paid?  This was done in error and I still need to process the payment.  Also, if I mark it as paid and their credit card is on file did it charge their card?  I don't want to double bill them.  Thank you!

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Hey @ark!


Unfortunately, there is no way to unmark once you mark it as Paid. If you selected the card on file and pressed Charge, you would have indeed charged the card. You can check the Invoice to see where the payment originated from. If nothing indicates that the card was charged in your Transactions, then you would just need to resend them a new invoice and let them know you just made a mistake. You can always confirm with the customer if they have a charge on their statement as well!

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There isn't any way to select 'MORE' on the dashboard or invoice.  Any other way to do it. Or tell me how to find 'MORE'.

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Hi @ojaiflowers - When you're on your Dashboard, click Invoices from the menu on the left. Select the specifc Invoice and you will see the More option on the top lower hand side.

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If we mark the invoice as Paid in Square and have accepted another form of payment outside of Square, are we still charged the fee through Square?

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Hi @GreatMoose - we charge fees for credit card processing. If you accept a different form of payment, we don't charge you any fees. 👍

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Thanks for the quick reply and thanks for this information!

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Is there a way to mark as paid and then change the date to reflect the actual date of payment?

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@Terriallen There isn't a way to backdate or change the date it shows as paid no. 

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I tried many times for click MORE , for mark as paid for my customer paid different way . But their have not option for “as paid “ in square invoice . 

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Do you know if there is a charge for accepting cash/check for a Square Invoice? Thanks!

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There is no "more" . where do you find it?

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the screen layout has changed a bit in the last few years.  the option of more is in the lower right corner when you have chosen an unpaid invoice.  the option to record a payment is also under the payments portion.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 4.15.34 PM.png

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I must be looking at a whole different software system.  None of the stuffs you shown are on there.  Should not be that difficult  to do. But following the instruction makes it very difficult because nothing shown are in there.

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@ubzooming, what are you seeing?  are you on a computer or on a phone?


the previous example was if you are on a computer here.  on a phone, your screen will look like this in the following pic when you click on an invoice.  MOre will be at the bottom, then you click Charge $xx.xx now and then you can charge via credit card or ark payment via cash/check.



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Your instructions to find "marked paid" under the MORE tab are useless because there is no "marked paid" option there.  I am growing increasingly frustrated with Square and am going to begin to look for another option.


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Are you able to get to this screen on your Dashboard? If you go to More > Add Payment > Record Payment? 

It should give you the options outlined here.


Screenshot 2019-09-15 at 4.46.14 PM.png

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I can't find the option under More for "Mark as paid" when clicking on an unpaid invoice, It used to be there, but now it's not there now. These are the only options I see.  Please help.


Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 6.45.36 AM.png

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Customer paid with a credit card. I then created an invoice marked paid with other to send as a receipt. Now, on my dashboard, it shows two transactions. How can I be sure her CC is not charged twice (I'm pretty sure it wasn't) and will I be charged the square service fees on both transactions? 

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