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How can I record a partial credit card payment to an invoice?

I am not sure how to apply a credit card deposit to an invoice?  What I did in the meantime is I took the payment in virtual terminal, created the invoice, but now I can't apply a partial payment with virtual terminal.  Why can't customers pay a deposit with a credit card?

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Hi there, @NatesGlass! Good to hear from you again! Thanks for adding your question here to the Seller Community. Hopefully this post will also help other Sellers find some answers to this question as well.


You may find this resource to be helpful in answering this one for you. You can record a partial credit card payment from the Online Dashboard, as well as from the Invoices Application. Here is a breakdown of the steps:


From your Square Dashboard:

  1. Locate an invoice.
  2. Scroll down to the Payments section > tap Add Payment.
  3. Tap Record Payment > select payment method.

Customer should also be able to fulfill a requested Invoice deposit from a secured email link whenever you have sent a specific deposit request


Since you took your Invoice payment via the Virtual Terminal, I would refrain recording a payment on the actual Invoice to avoid recording a double payment. You can either refund the payment that you took via the Virtual Terminal, or you can create a separate Invoice that reflects the remaining amount.


I hope this information is helpful! Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions. Cheers! 

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Okay... but for future when I have a customer come in person to pay a deposit with a credit card, how can I swipe the card to pay the deposit?  It doesn't look like it's possible for some reason?

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Jumping in here for @Joe today, @NatesGlass


You're correct- accepting a partial payment towards an invoice in person is currently a feature request. I will say, this feature has gained a lot of traction, and our Product team is working on how they can best implement this in the future. If this becomes a possibility down the road, we'll make sure to let you and others know about it on this thread.


Appreciate your post!

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Hi there

I have a similar issue except the customers invoice payment failed.

to get the project rolling before I even had a chance to send them a duplicate

they sent me a chase speed pay payment for the deposit amount.


Since the failed invoice cannot be reset and/or modified which makes a small nightmare for me. As per the guidelines of square I duplicated the invoice which basically is starting over and there is no way to record a payment. 

I had been using discounts and unfortunately recently realized that my numbers were off due to the way it factors in sales tax with the discount. I am now in the process of trying to notify my customers


Since sometimes I get backlooged I hadn't sent out a duplicate invoice because I wanted to be able to record the deposit before it went out again, rather then having to deal with my customer getting upset and saying " I paid the deposit, why are you sending me another invoice for the full amount.


Please help!

I love square but this is so frustrating, there are other issues that I would love to be able to discuss directly to the development team





I have tried the route of applying a discount but the numbers get to

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Hi @Jhm thank you for explaining this to me! I believe I have a small solution that may help you, but please let me know if I can clarify more. 


I'm not sure if your customers decide on a random partial payment number or not for your invoices, but if not, then I would suggest allowing a small deposit to be paid in advance, because this feature allows you to have more flexibility in your billing. Also, if a customer comes in and pays a partial payment for an invoice in person, you can simply mark the invoice payment as paid via Point of Sale. That way your numbers aren't duplicated and you can still accept the payments. 


To mark an invoice as paid via point of sale, go to that invoice in your Square Dashboard, select More > Add Payment > Record Payment > then select Point of Sale. 


I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions!

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