How do I cancel a one-time Marketing Campaign?

My marketing campaign is not reoccurring and I did not have it set to send an email reminder. I included a date of which the promotion/code would expire and it shows correctly when I preview the campaign. How do I change the campaign status to show as COMPLETED. I have done this for other campaigns and they show as completed. No Cancellation or Disable button is available. Help please. Is this a correction that can be made on the backend by someone?

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Hi @GK247 - Welcome to The Seller Community, it's always nice to see your input 😊


Great Question.

Typically, To cancel a campaign these are the steps:

  1. Visit Marketing in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Select the Active campaign you'd like to cancel > click Cancel.
  3. Select whether you'd like to still honor unredeemed coupons, or cancel and invalidate them.
  4. Click Cancel Campaign.

Sounds like you've already done these steps and don't see the necessary button.

Here are some troubleshooting steps.

Otherwise this may be an issue that our engineers need to dig deeper into for you.

If necessary after trying these steps, contact our support.

Phone support is available Monday - Friday 6 AM - 6 PM PST. The telephone number is (855)700-6000. 


I hope this helps. 


As always, feel free to stop by The Community with question, concerns and even feature requests. We are more than happy to assist.


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