How do I clear the balance of an e-gift card?

I recently had a client buy an e-gift card for her mother.  The mother isn’t tech savvy and didn’t have the e-gift receipt.  How can I apply the e-gift so it shows as redeemed? TIA!

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Hey @SarB


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community! I would try logging onto your dashboard on the computer and following these actions. Gift Cards > Overview > Click on the Gift Card from the list > Clear Balance > Type in the exact amount > Click outside of the space > Clear. 


Hope this helps, if not, let us know by replying in this thread. 

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OK, I have gotten somewhere in researching this thread. I have switched on the manual entry button. But it asks for the full card number and I only have the last 4 digits...what do I do? just cash out the full balance of the card?

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Hello Alex,


Ive had these same issues before - when trying to clear the balance, as per your instructions above, the clear button is not clickable. Ive tried numerous times with much time in-between (weeks), and it's still not working. I've had the same issues before & I believe it just started working one day. Now it's not. Is it something on my end, or are there other ways of going about clearing e-gift cards?


Thank you 🙂

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Hey @AwakenedHearth!


Thanks for your reply. 


Just to be sure, you're attempting to clear the balance of a gift card that currently has a balance, right? Would you mind taking a screenshot? 


Thank you! 

Isabelle she/her

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Hi Isabelle,


yes, the e-gift card is still showing a balance of around $80 even though the session has already occurred. When I try to clear the balance by setting it to $0.00 the clear button does not show up as clickable 

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Can you reply with a screenshot @AwakenedHearth

Isabelle she/her

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I can’t since this feature is not an option on my phone app & my laptop is struggling to connect to internet. 

Do you have any idea why I am suddenly not able to charge for sessions that clients book online & hold with their credit card info? I used to be able to just charge them after the session, but now the system requires the physical card or manual number entry & I end up having to send them an invoice to get paid. Is this just happening to me?


thank you! 🙏🏻

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@AwakenedHearth you should be able to still charge a customer's card if it's on file for their account. Are you sure these customers are putting their cards on file vs. just for no show protection? That may be the issue.


While these options are similar, it’s important to understand the differences between the two.

Card on File: This is an optional selection that your client can make when booking an appointment that will allow them to save their card for future purchases. Card on File saves the card to the customer’s profile in your Customer Directory and allows you to charge it whenever you want. This is always optional to the customer and they can unlink their card at any time.

No-Show Protection: This requires clients to provide card information to book appointments so that you can determine whether or not to charge them based on your cancellation policy. Card information provided through No-Show Protection can only be used for cancellations up to 14 days after the appointment and isn’t applicable on separate purchases or appointments.

A client can not remove the card from No-Show Protection, but they can, however, remove their Card on File from the Customer Directory.

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Thank you Ashley,


to be clear, the clients put in their card number for no-show protection. In the past I could then charge them after the appointment, now it’s not letting me do that any longer. Any advice? It’s becoming a real problem

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Hi Alex,

  Im having the same issue and I've followed this thread quite a ways to no avail. Ive tried accessing from my laptop, iPad, and phone app. 

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Hey @CatFC! 🐈 


Please give our Support Team a call if you have exhausted all troubleshooting. 

Isabelle she/her

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Can we get payment by cab charge card ? Anyone help please? Thanks

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Beta Member

I have tried the same thing, the person that bought the e gift card does not have the Card number. So i can't redeem it. I tried clearing, and no such luck.

Why cant i just enter the last 4 digits to redeem the gift?? Would make since to me. 


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Finally figured out how to redeem through appointments, you have to charge "card on file". Choose the gift card, and do it that way.  not by the obvious "Gift card"

Thanks for being so Clear! 

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Sorry for the confusion @BearHairByChuck- Glad you were able to get it figured out! 

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Glad  I'm not the only one who thinks there Gift card system is a mess!!!! Most clients don't have the GC and then we only have the 4 digits and can't do anything with those 4 digits!! Very frustrating!!!!

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so it used to populate the names of the GC recipients in the manual entry of GC and now it isn't coming up. My client's gift card is in her name but it doesn't show a card on file. I can see her GC when I go to the transaction but I can't redeem it from there. I want it to be a transaction so clearing the balance is not what I want to do. Why is the list not populating when I try to take payment?

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Square Community Moderator

Hmm - to make sure I understand, does the customer name usually populate when selecting Manual Entry as a payment type during checkout or Card on File


If I'm off target, take me through your checkout flow so I have insight @hlmcall

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Beta Member

It was when I would click on manual gift card entry. However, I figured out that I needed to merge my client's appointment info with the gift card info. Once I merged them the gift card showed up, so for anyone with this issue I recommend merging the 2 contact info. Thanks for getting back though.

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Square Community Moderator



Ah gotcha! thanks for looping back and helping other Sellers that might run into the same issue. 

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Hi! How do I merge my client with the gc transaction? Thanks


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I think this is a huge help, thank you! However, my card on file option is not an option in her transaction. I guess because it's not attached to her customer file. When she purchased from me, she was not yet an official client. How can I remedy this? Should i delete the transaction and do a new one? She paid me through Venmo so it shouldn't be a problem.

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