How do I set up a 4 digit pin

My app keeps asking for a 4 digit pin when I login but I do not know howto set one up.

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Re: How do I set up a 4 digit pin

Hey @Jmsw


Were you signed in to the Point of Sale app already and the pin request comes up when you try to take any actions?


This would indicate that you've already enabled passcodes. If you've forgotten your passcode, you'll want to sign in to your Dashboard to view it in the Employee tab


Click on your profile and it will pull up your employee information, including your passcode. 

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Re: How do I set up a 4 digit pin

I need help. My iPad keeps asking me for a 4-digit Log In but when I go to my online dashboard, there is nothing under Employee List. WHen I go to permissions, there is Administrator, Mobile Staff, & Owner. Nothing has a pin. I can't open my store or process sales because I can't log-in to my iPad!


This is the FIRST time I've ever been asked for this PIN so I don't know where it came from or why. HELP!

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Re: How do I set up a 4 digit pin

Hey @GLG - When you go to your Employee List, you should at least have yourself listed as the Owner. Select yourself and once you scroll down, you'll see the Point of Sale Passcode under Permissions.


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Re: How do I set up a 4 digit pin

I am set up as the owner. After 45 minutes last night, I added a fake employee & then magically I showed up on the list. I created a PIN to log-in for my owner account. It took about 5 minutes but finally the PIN worked. Now my problem is I want to disable the PIN but I can't. I have the update version of Square. The instructions to disable the required PIN say to go to "settings" & "employee management". Despite being logged in as myself, the owner, "employee management is not an option. And there is NOTHING on the online dashboard to let me disable requiring a PIN either. All of the instructions I found are from 2016 or something. There is no new information reflecting the updated version. 


Please, how do I make it so I don't have to enter a PIN?


God I'm so frustrated.

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Re: How do I set up a 4 digit pin

To confirm, you are going to Settings > Employee Management within your app? The steps haven't changed and it should lead you to this page:


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