How to provide delivery instructions at checkout

I am arranging to print, sell, and deliver a book overseas in some lesser-served regions (Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines). These books are intended for retired U.S. military members in faraway niches. The book is printed locally in these countries, and the printer will ship the book as I take orders via Square Online and send them the mailing addresses.

Street addresses are difficult to locate in many of these places, thus delivery is not very efficient. What I would love is a box for "delivery instructions" that my recipients can fill in to help with the package delivery.  I cannot find a way to do this. 

Is there any way to add a "delivery instructions" box at checkout?  And a separate question... Anyway to get rid of the "Coupon code" option at checkout? I do not foresee ever offering coupons.

Thank you

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@John_L1 Sorry if I'm misunderstanding. I'm trying to get a gauge on what you're looking to accomplish. I'm assuming you're trying to ship the books overseas, not deliver them right? That's a pretty far delivery lol.


As for the coupon code bit, that can't be turned off. 

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Sorry, my wording was unclear. The book is printed in Manila and shipping domestically within the Philippines (and likewise with the other countries; each printed in the country of sale).

I'm not clear on the distinction between "ship" and "deliver". I have hired print shops in each of these countries to print the book.  I take orders on Square and send shipping labels to the printer each time a book is sold.  The printer will take care of shipping domestically within their country, using either the local postal service or private courier. My domestic shipping costs will run $2-4, where with Amazon it would have been $10-20 for international shipping. 

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Ah gotcha!! No worries - I definitely understand now.


Sounds like these orders are being fulfilled using the shipping fulfillment method. The delivery feature is more so for orders being delivered within a short distance. Think of a pizza order being delivered to someones door step by an employee. 


Currently there isn't a way to include shipping instructions for an order. Maybe try enabling the Notes feature (Settings > Checkout > Advanced settings) so customers can include a custom message at checkout.  Downside: there isn't a way to require a customer to write a note when placing their order.







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Thanks Justin; that helps. I was able to add the Notes box; it appears way at the end of the ordering process (after the credit card is entered). It would be nice to put it earlier, when the address is entered but that does not appear to be an option. 

People are getting creative; they use the 2nd address line to say "The gray house across from the library" because street addresses are so messed up in the Philippines. Things quite often get misdelivered or not delivered at all. 

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Ah, the second address line trick. I def go that route myself when I online shop. 


Another thought, maybe text modifiers will help. It allows customers to enter a custom message when adding the item to cart opposed to the very end of checkout. You'll have to apply it to every item though. Might be redundant if customers are adding multiple items to their cart.



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