How to set up permissions to allow my team members to access contactless payment processing?

I have team member plus and I'm trying to let all of my team members set up their terminals with contactless payment processing. But it says they don't have permission to access this option. I'm not seeing how to change it on my dashboard.


Square hasn't been answering the phone this week and when I leave my number for them to call me back, I don't receive a call back. It's kind of freaking me out cuz they've always had such great customer service.

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Hello @chickey


Once you add your Team Members under Team permissions in your Square Dashboard, you will need to enable the correct set of permissions. If you ONLY want your employees to use the POS to process payments, make sure to enable Access Shared Point of Sale by creating a 4 digit passcode. 


Let me know if you have any other questions. 

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I too struggle I want them to enter items in inventory and see the tips just not go into reports I can’t figure out what I need to click 

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@Sundaeinthepark Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Seller Community!! Have you clicked on the "Team Management" link in Sayra's post? I would recommend doing that and browsing the permissions you can give to your team members. If you have questions over any specific permission, let me know, but anything that is checked is a permission that your team members have and can access.

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