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Last month I was scrolling around Square and I found some inventory management stuff.  I entered in all my inventory.  Then I discovered that I could transfer stock.  This was a great option for me.  I do not have other stores that I own/run, but I am a consignment vendor in a few vendors.  (I pay a monthly fee to sell my stuff on a shelf for the month)  In being able to 'transfer stock" to this venue the software also deducted that stock from my inventory and it was automatically updated to my store.  I have sold 3-4 things on line in the past several months and my product is only $4 each.  Today, when I went to transfer stock that option was no longer there and I was prompted to sign up and pay $60 per month per location in order to transfer that stock.  I don't even make $60 a month!!


I have been using Square for years with no other fees other than swipe & percentage fees on the transaction.  Am I understanding this wrong? Is there a way to continue being able to transfer stock without paying $60 per month?  I even bought a bar code scanner to make it easier to do all this.  I didn't know it was a trial subscription.  Now I am screwed.  Any suggestions?  Please be kind, computer isn't my first language.

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@SilliePuffs721 Welcome to the Seller Community and thank you for taking the time to post! What you're describing is something that our Square for Retail subscription offers. You likely opted into a free trial with it, and now it's prompting you to pay to continue using the feature described above. 


I understand not wanting to invest in that subscription since you were only using one feature of it. That is only available with Square for Retail, as you've noticed, but as a workaround, you can consider making certain items unavailable at your location (via the dashboard) until you're ready to transfer it over for sale. 


Do you often only transfer a few of the same items between locations? Say, if you have 5 pairs of socks, do you transfer 3 of the 5 into your booth, or is it entire item sets?


I hope that makes sense, but once I get a better picture of your workflow, I can try and brainstorm more with you.

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