Is there a way to remove the Green Setup Guide button?

Our company has been growing really fast after we opened our first retail location. My team and myself use dashboard countless times a day from appointments to invoices, customer data etc. The green setup guide button is really starting to get on all our nerves. I have tried completing all the steps to no avail. 


Is there a way to disable the green setup guide button?

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Hey @WinchesterWick - Thanks for sharing!


Unfortunately, there's no way to get rid of the Set up guide button, but I understand redundancy of it - especially if you've already configured your account how you want it.


I'll be passing this request over to our Product Team for tracking. I'll give you a holler if anything changes! 

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is there an update to this? i went to try out square retail to see if that would be better than what I have set up on square, which its better for me to keep my set up the same, but now since I decided not to go with square retail I have that pop up all the time and telling me to set up. It makes it hard to navigate the screen.

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Same issue here...I accidentally downloaded square retail instead of square pos, and now this setup guide keeps telling me I'm not done with setup, and the options it's requiring are options I can never clear. Even if we contacted customer support is there no way for it to be removed/cleared from the developer's end?

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Seems like a lot of issues have been reported to the Project Team with absolutely no results.  What do they do all day??  I'm regretting my decision on switching to Square.

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