Last year sales comparison on home screen

How do I change gross sales on the home screen to show last year comparison rather than 6 months?


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Re: Last year sales comparison on home screen

Hello @Cuppa — welcome to the seller community! 🙂


Thanks for surfacing this. Right now, the comparison dates on your Gross Sales widget can't be adjusted from your Home tab, though I can see how being able to do this would be helpful for tracking trends and quickly offering more visibility. Rest assured that I'll be sharing this with our Product Liaison team, who is always working to improve our products based on seller feedback.


For now, you can access gross sales information from a year ago by heading over to your Sales tab, then selecting the appropriate date. From there, you can compare gross sales manually.


Hope this helps clear things up. Please don't hesitate to reply with any other questions, and we'll circle back to this thread with any other updates that may be useful. Appreciate your patience!

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Re: Last year sales comparison on home screen

I would also love to see this option! Last Years sales are so much more useful than 6 months ago. I would love to hear of any updates that allow us to see that at the bottom of the Gross Sales tile on the dashboard. Thanks

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